Trends from the Red Carpet

When my kindergarten teacher asked the class, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I proudly raised my hand and proclaimed, “I want to be a movie star.” OK, so life didn’t turn out exactly as I planned at age five, so rather than strutting-my-stuff on the red carpet, I get to write about my favorite fashion trends at this year’s Oscars for the WeAllSew blog. (And yes, the five year old in me is still waiting to be discovered, *wink*)

Overall, there was a sophisticated feel to the red carpet this year; a lot of body hugging silhouettes that looked very regal. Not a lot ruffles, bustles and frills, which suits my taste just fine; however, much to my chagrin, no blatantly-obvious-plugs-for-publicity like the swan dress worn by Icelandic singer Bjork in 2001 or the scarily skinny Lara Flynn Boyle’s Tutu worn in 2003. The thing I loved the most about the fashions this year is that from a distance it all looked very simple, but if you studied it up close – for me this was online, not in person *sniff* – you could really see the details. Lots of beading, sequins, lace, and other exquisite details.

Here are some of my favorites of the night:

Charlize Theron for the strong architectural detail mixed with a bit of femininity via the peplum. Consistently one of my favorite dressed actresses who know how to push the limits without going too far

Jane Fonda for the daring canary yellow-colored strong silhouetted Versace dress with peek-a-boo back. Those work-out tapes are paying off… at 75 She. Looks. Unbelievable. Way to rock the carpet, Fonda

Salma Hayek’s Alexander McQueen dress made with a rich velvet body adorned with the exquisitely high-gold neckline giving us a sneak peek of what’s coming for fall. Hint: “What is this, velvet?”

Jennifer Lawrence, Hollywood’s new “it” girl looks sweet and approachable in her pale pink Dior gown. She looked as delectable as angel cake. I liked the fact that she chose to go less-is-more with her jewelry. P.S. Love, love, love the delicate diamond-back necklace. P.p.s. next time honey, lift your dress before taking a step.

Jessica Chastain: If this Armani dress were hanging on a rack, I bet you would pass it by without a second glance. It seems so drab, but it’s oh-so-not. With Jessica’s alabaster skin tone and strawberry blonde hair, this dress was stunning and sophisticated.

And here’s where I want to hear from you … I think the verdict is still out on Halle Berry’s plunging metallic Versace dress … What did you guys think, love it or hate it?



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