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Have you ever wanted to become a fabric designer? Joining the likes of Tula Pink and Amy Butler? Start with a blank canvas and take your eye for color combinations and patterns a step further.

Well here is your chance!

Break out your colored pencils, markers and stamps and get those creative juices flowing. Enter your original fabric designs (up to 10 per person) to join our Fabric Design Contest between April 1 – 22, 2013. Our very own Sewing Celebrities  with Pat Bravo will be judging your designs for some fabulous prizes including a printed run of your own fabric, an introduction and interview including a professional critque with fabric manufacturer Benartex, and the grand prize, a BERNINA 710!

Read the complete list of rules and eligibility before you begin. Tap into the inspiration all around you and most importantly, have fun!

Jo, Erika and Alice

Steps to Enter

1) First, read through the complete contest rules
 • Note that this contest is for aspiring designers ONLY. If you already have a line you’ll have to sit this one out. :)
2) Create your original fabric design “swatch”
• Designs should be 12” x 12”
• Hand techniques (sketching, painting, drawing, collage, stamping, etc.)
• Computer techniques (PowerPoint, PhotoShop, etc.)
• A combination of both hand and computer techniques
• Need inspiration? Visit our BERNINA Fabric Design Contest Inspiration board on Pinterest
3) Turn your design into an uploadable graphic
• Scan or photograph your original artwork
• Save file as a JPG or PNG
• Resolution must be at least 150 dpi
4) Pin your original fabric design to Pinterest with the description “BERNINA & WeAllSew Fabric Design Contest” (if you don’t have a Pinterest account create one here)
5) Post a link to your pin within the comment section of this original blog post below. NOTE: Your comment within this post below will be the only way we can receive your entry. We will re-pin your submissions within 24 hours.
6) Share with your friends!
•Right click to download and share the “Contestant” badge below on your Facebook page, blog, etc.
• Ask your friends to vote for your design by repinning it directly from the official WeAllSew contest Pinterest board. NOTE: The entry with the most repins wins. Repin numbers appearing on the official contest board are the only numbers that will be considered for the People’s Choice Awards. The re-pinning period ends April 22, 2013.
Winners & Prizes
Pinterest People’s Choice Winner (Two winners based on most re-pins)
• Two winning designs will be chosen based on the most number of repins directly from the contest’s official Pinterest board.  NOTE: The re-pin numbers appearing on the official contest board are the only numbers that will be considered.
• Prize: A Field Guide to Fabric Design book
• Three patterns from Lunch Box Quilts (http://www.lunchboxquilts.com/)
2nd Runner Up (based on Celebrity judges vote)
• Judging will be based on originality and creativity
• Prizes: A Field Guide to Fabric Design book, BERNINA Tote and Benartex Fabrics
• Three patterns from Lunch Box Quilts (http://www.lunchboxquilts.com/)
1st Runner Up (based on Celebrity judges vote)
• Judging will be based on originality and creativity
• Prizes: Custom run of winning design (5 yards), feature on WeAllSew blog  and an introduction to fabric manufacturer Benartex  including a one hour interview
• Three patterns from Lunch Box Quilts (http://www.lunchboxquilts.com/)
Grand Prize Winner (based on Celebrity judges vote)
• Judging will be based on originality and creativity
• Grand Prize: BERNINA 710
• Prizes: Custom run of winning design (10 yards), feature on WeAllSew blog and an introduction to fabric manufacturer Benartex including one hour interview
 • Three patterns from Lunch Box Quilts (http://www.lunchboxquilts.com/)

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  1. monatheoriginal55


    For my platypus loving grandson.

    • WeAllSew

      Did you mean to send the same fabric two times? Or should one of them be different? Jo

  2. nouveaustitch


    Sorry if this is submitted twice, if so it wasn’t intentional. There’s no way to tell if the comment was accepted or not!


    • WeAllSew

      Don’t worry; if it’s a repeat I won’t pin it. To keep spam to a minimum we approve each comment individually, usually within a few hours during the week, less often on weekends. Jo

  3. jenbenbry1

    As I’ve created some designs I’m wondering whether or not it’s important that the edges of our fabric design to match up end over end for seamless printing? If so, I’d like to re-submit a couple of my designs if possible. Thanks so much!

    • WeAllSew

      Let me see what I can find out – Jo

    • WeAllSew

      Hi, Jen – All entries are final. Sorry – Jo

  4. nouveaustitch

    This was submitted yesterday but does not appear on the B&WASFDC Pinterest page:


  5. nouveaustitch

    This was submitted yesterday but does not appear on the B&WASFDC Pinterest page:


  6. nouveaustitch

    My tenth, and final, design:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to play! It’s been a blast!

  7. preme

    http://pinterest.com/pin/426153183460136279/ Created this design in Bernina embroidery software

  8. 6or8or12

    http://pinterest.com/pin/160722280424317467/ Cherries in blue

  9. 6or8or12

    http://pinterest.com/pin/160722280424317466/ Cherries in green

  10. ckbellneville

    http://pinterest.com/pin/379217231093672494/ Ocean

  11. pinksodapop2013

    Must the pattern be a seamless tile? or? —It doesn’t specify in the rules, but above someone wanted to change what they submitted and was told they couldn’t resubmit.

    So I don’t want to not submit a seamless tile and would appreciate a clarification on this matter.

    Thanks so much for your time and help in advance!


  12. jaytensen

    Okay! I pinned my ten and commented with ten links so I will be hoping and praying that it worked! I’ll check it in tomorrow to make sure they’re all there before I start sharing!!


    • WeAllSew

      This link doesn’t work; try again. Jo

    • WeAllSew

      This one doesn’t work either, but it looks like the next few do.

  13. annaleah4

    Padme by Anna V

  14. sewnso

    • WeAllSew

      Sewnso – Did you mean to include a link? I have two “empty” comments from you. Jo

  15. sewnso

    • WeAllSew

      This comment doesn’t contain a link – Jo

  16. love2weave

    I’m not sure what happened but this one didn’t get posted the rest of mine are up there. Here’s the link of the one that didn’t get put on you board.


  17. sewnso

    I’m getting a little frustrated, as I posted the link to this blog last night (sorry about the extra posts – was having trouble posting). My entry has not been uploaded to the Bernina We All Sew Pinterest board yet and I am getting tons of repins – I’m afraid all the repins that I am getting right now won’t count. Please advise!

    • WeAllSew

      Hi, Sewnso – We received two comments from you last night, but there weren’t any links in them. Jo

      • pinksodapop2013

        I get no confirmation when I sent my links.

        How will I know if you got them?

        When will they show here on this blog?

        And what else can I do to get them to you?

        Your form seems broken, it says I already submitted, but no confirmation is given.


        • WeAllSew

          They’re not posted automatically; we check them several times a day/night. All 10 of yours have now been repinned.

          • pinksodapop2013

            I see that now! — Thanks so much for your help.

            ^_^ <3

          • pinksodapop2013

            Question: Why do I see duplicate designs on the official weallsew blog pinterest area?

            I thought you could only enter each design once, and have 10 designs?

            These are the two designs in question:


            These two designs are identical.

            Just F.Y.I. — thought someone should know!

            ^_^ ♡

          • WeAllSew

            Yes, we accidently put the same design up twice. We’ll sort it out. Jo

  18. jogr4


    Yellow Circle Flowers by Jolene Ink

    • WeAllSew

      Hi, db12stitch – Your circle clusters link doesn’t work; please resend – Jo

    • WeAllSew

      This link is for a board, not a fabric swatch. Please resend. Jo

  19. rebsrecca

    I’m not sure if this is working?

    • WeAllSew

      It’s not automatic. I check several times a day/night and repin them – Jo

  20. deboramae

    BERNINA Fabric Design Contest

    • WeAllSew

      Deboramae – One of your comments is empty; the other contains a link that does not work. Please resubmit your entries. Jo

  21. neenkster

    Thank you, Bernina for this awesome contest with truly fantastic prices! This contest inspired me to start drawing again after years of not doing so!

    Here are my entries so far:



  22. love2weave

    When and where will the winners be announced ?

  23. ckstudio80

    The rules say the designs should be 12 x12 and 150 dpi, but when I upload my design on pinterest at 150 it distorts the color as opposed to the 72dpi. If I uplpoad the design at 72dpi will it disqualify me? It looks like all the others are at 72 dpi. ????

  24. smallsomething12

    Thank you!:)

  25. emily1smith

    Colored Polaroids

    • WeAllSew

      Sorry – Once an entry is submitted, it can’t be swapped out. Jo

    • WeAllSew

      ckbellneville – To enter the contest you’ll need to pin this to your Pinterest board, then put the Pinterest link in a comment on this page. Jo

  26. preme

    My final entry

    • WeAllSew

      Sorry – You missed the deadline. The contest ended at midnight Central Time on 4/22/13.

    • WeAllSew

      Sorry – the deadline for submitting designs was midnight last night. Jo

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