CrystalWork - how to cut a template

CrystalWork Software: Creating a Design Template

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A DesignWorks tutorial from Sarah Vedeler, using the CrystalWork Software and Tool to create a template for making iron-on crystal designs.

one-hour wonder swing coat #upcycle #reuse #recycle #fashion #garment #jacket #stencil #fabric paint #weallsew #software #cutwork tool #free tutorial #free project

One-Hour Wonder – Upcycled Swing Coat

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I wanted something new to wear to an event, so I took a trip to our local thrift shop and found a beautiful fuchsia designer woven silk swing coat. But what to wear it with it?

steampunk office from the BERNINA Look Book 2014 #steampunk #office #diy #embroider #sew #clock #upcycle #recycle #reuse

Steampunk Office

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Wikipedia describes Steampunk as a genre influenced by, and often adopted from, the style of the 19th-century scientific romances of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and Mary Shelley. We added our own elements to give our Steampunk office vignette an industrial flare.

It's a Wonderful Life Pillow #bernina #sew #embroidery #software #weallsew #free project #free tutorial

“It’s a Wonderful Life” Pillow

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Our “It’s a Wonderful Life” Pillow – inspired by the Frank Capra classic – adds a note of nostalgia to your holiday décor.

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Software Extravaganza Held at BERNINA Creative Center, Aurora, IL

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Another Software Extravaganza was held at the new BERNINA Creative Center in Aurora, Illinois. Thirty attendees participated in the training and many shared their creative projects with other attendees.

butterfly art #diy #craft #bernina #free project #butterflies #pink #heart #paper

A Flutter of CutWork Butterflies

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Imagine cutting the butterflies for this project one by one. How long would it take? Debra’s granddaughter completed this charming butterfly heart – start to finish – in about three hours thanks to a little help from Debra’s embroidery machine.

Art Day is Fun Day Apron - paintwork tool and software

Art Day is Fun Day Apron

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Art day (play day) is not just for kids! We too have toys that we love to play with and my new favorite one is PaintWork

Paintwork Fleur-de-lis #bernina #sew #embroidery #paint #draw #graphic #image

Using Picture Fonts with PaintWork

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In my experiments with the PaintWork Tool and Software I have getting my graphics from “picture fonts” or “dingbat fonts.” There are so many available, and they are free!

PaintWork Dove Holiday Cards by Amanda Whitlatch #sew #diy

“Paint” Your Own Holiday Cards – with Your Embroidery Machine!

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It is so fun to “paint” your holiday cards with your embroidery machine and the PaintWork tool! There are so many fun picture-style fonts to download for free that are great sources for holiday graphics.

Angie Steveson - 780 E

Oh, the Places We Will Go with Our Machines! And with Angie Steveson!

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BERNINA Sewing Celebrity Angie Steveson of Lunch Box Quilts took her new BERNINA 780 E on the road with her from Arizona to the International Quilt Market in Houston to meet, mingle and make!