Learning Free Motion Quilting with BERNINA!

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Free-motion quilting can allow you endless possibilities in adding texture and design to your quilting projects. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to free-motion quilt but aren’t sure where to start, check out all of our BERNINA tips, tutorials, and projects to get you started.

machine quilting needles

Quilting Basics: Machine Quilting Needles

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Machine Quilting needles are made especially for piecing and machine quilting. They are one of several items that contribute to an excellent outcome.

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Make It Yours: 7 Series Hover Feature

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This is the first in a series of tips I am sharing with you, proud new owners of BERNINA 7 Series sewing machines, as I discover new and exciting features on my new B 780.

Tips for writing sewing tutorials

Tips on Writing a Sewing Tutorial

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Have you ever thought about sharing one of your own original projects or techniques in a tutorial, but your not quite sure where to begin? Our WeAllSew Experts have written hundreds of online tutorials, and now we’re sharing our top tutorial writing tips to help you put start your own tutorial!

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Just SEW It! September Webinar: Buttonhole Basics

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Join us for the next Just SEW It webinar and learn tricks that take the fear out of sewing buttonholes. We’ll also take a look at embellishment ideas using buttons, charms, and trinkets – all sewn on with the sewing machine

no thread slot - no problem #sewing tip #presser foot #tip #trick #thread slot #weallsew

No Thread Slot? No Problem!

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What do you do when using a presser foot does not have a thread slot to pull the thread through to the back, such as Clear Embroidery Foot #39/39C?

Embroidery Basics: Marking and Hooping Your Project - by Kay Hickman #sew #embroider #diy

Embroidery Basics: Marking and Hooping Your Project

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As I travel around the country, I find that I am often asked about hooping. Hooping is the most essential – but probably the least understood – component of embroidery. A lot of the embroidery “mistakes” that we tend to blame on stabilizers or designs may actually be a result of improper hooping techniques. One of

freemotion quilting

Top 5 Tips for Successful Free-Motion Quilting

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We’re sharing our top five tips to more successful free-motion quilting!

Meet the Walking Foot

Meet the Walking Foot #50

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Quilter Jacquie Gering shares some advice about the BERNINA Walking Foot #50. As a home quilter, this foot can be your best friend and open the door to creative quilting possibilities.

Sew With Knits

Take the Fear Out of Sewing with Knits

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Sewing with knit material, even without a serger, can be a fun and pleasant experience so long as you take your time and keep a few tips and tricks in mind.