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Just SEW It! September Webinar: Buttonhole Basics

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Join us for the next Just SEW It webinar and learn tricks that take the fear out of sewing buttonholes. We’ll also take a look at embellishment ideas using buttons, charms, and trinkets – all sewn on with the sewing machine

no thread slot - no problem #sewing tip #presser foot #tip #trick #thread slot #weallsew

No Thread Slot? No Problem!

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What do you do when using a presser foot does not have a thread slot to pull the thread through to the back, such as Clear Embroidery Foot #39/39C?

Embroidery Basics: Marking and Hooping Your Project - by Kay Hickman #sew #embroider #diy #WeAllSew.com

Embroidery Basics: Marking and Hooping Your Project

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As I travel around the country, I find that I am often asked about hooping. Hooping is the most essential – but probably the least understood – component of embroidery. A lot of the embroidery “mistakes” that we tend to blame on stabilizers or designs may actually be a result of improper hooping techniques. One of

FMQ Feature

Top 5 Tips for Successful Free-Motion Quilting

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We’re sharing our top five tips to more successful free-motion quilting!

Walking Foot Feature

Meet the Walking Foot #50

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Quilter Jacquie Gering shares some advice about the BERNINA Walking Foot #50. As a home quilter, this foot can be your best friend and open the door to creative quilting possibilities.

Sew With Knits

Take the Fear Out of Sewing with Knits

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Sewing with knit material, even without a serger, can be a fun and pleasant experience so long as you take your time and keep a few tips and tricks in mind.

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Crazy Spider Table Topper

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I purchased this adorable Spidey Table Topper pattern by Silk Road Creations at a local quilt shop and decided this would be the perfect weekend project — it took less than a half day to complete! The project can be constructed on nearly any sewing machine; all you need is a straight stitch, basic zigzag, and a walking foot.

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Holiday Serging & Simple Sewing — Friday, Oct.14

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The holidays are only two months away! Have you started your gift-making? Join Jo for “Holiday Serging & Simple Sewing,” a webinar on quick and easy gifts you can make on your serger, along with a few fast sewing and embroidery projects.

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Rediscovering Wonder Tape

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Wonder Tape — What’s YOUR favorite use for this WONDER-ful notion?

Manual Buttonholes 04

Manual Buttonholes with Buttonhole Foot #3/3C

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Learn how to create a buttonhole manually with the Buttonhole Foot with Slide #3A/3B/3C.