2020 Vision: QuiltCon 2022 Best in Show

Congratulations to the QuiltCon 2022 Best in Show winner, “2020 Vision”!

Pieced and hand quilted by fiber artist and emergency room physician, Hillary Goodwin, it told the powerful and tearful story of 2020.

“2020: How does one commemorate a horrible year? As a quilter, the answer for me in part was in a quilt. 2020 broke me a bit as a healthcare worker, as a daughter who lost her father, and as a citizen who saw the fabric of her country fray. I designed and paper pieced eyes as, like many, I felt transfixed by the events of 2020 stuck at home or working in the ER glued to often a screen. I appliquéd tears to reflect the anguish of the time and hand quilted monotonous 2020 with important issues of the year snuck in.” — Hilary Goodwin

In this video, Modern Quilt Guild member and ER Nurse, Marsha Thomas shares her emotional reaction.

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