Adjustable Seam Guides

I was making a Chanel-style jacket and decided to fringe the edges since the fabric frayed so interestingly – why fight it? Since I had’t planned to do the edges this way, I needed to cut facings for the bottom hem and sleeve hems. Then I zigzagged them together to join and to prevent additional fraying, but I had a hard time guiding the uneven frayed edge on the stitch plate. I needed a ridge to allow me to sew them together, so I grabbed my BERNINA Patchwork Seam Guide and voila! I was able to sew the edges securely and evenly.


The adjustable Patchwork Seam Guide attaches to the screw hole in the arm of the machine and is held in place with a screw.

It was the perfect accessory for these frayed edges and I love my jacket!

The Patchwork Seam Guide is an old accessory – but if you have an 8-Series machine it comes with two Adjustable Guides that will accomplish the same thing. One is for edgestitching and rides along each side of the fabric, and one is for stitch alignment on top of the fabric and rides on top of the fabric. For the jacket, I used the edgestitch Adjustable Guide in place of the Patchwork Seam Guide.

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