Diamonds 2 Quilt Along, Part 5: Quilting Row Four

Welcome back to the Diamonds 2 Quilt-Along! I’m BERNINA Expert, Amanda Murphy, and this month I’ll show you how I quilted the row between the large diamonds and the zigzag rows. This time it is all about doing something special with negative space!

Diamonds 2

What we are quilting this month!

If you missed the first four parts of the quilt-along you can find them here:

If you are on a frame, you’ll want to first stabilize this area by quilting along the seam between it and the zigzag row below. (If you are on a domestic you have probably done all your stitch-in-the-ditch work already, as described in a previous post.)

There are so many ways to fill large open spaces like this successfully. Because I was using the heart motif so liberally in other areas of the quilt, I chose to echo that shape here. In some parts of this row I utilized full-heart motifs, but I also used half-heart shapes to fill negative space. Then I accentuated the motifs by free-motioning a meandering line in the background. This is similar to a stipple, but a little larger in scale to keep with the scale I had already established in other rows.

Download the PDF instructions and watch the below video.

How to quilt the fourth row of the Diamonds 2 Quilt

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Happy quilting and I’ll be back here on April 13th to show you how to quilt the last row in this sampler!


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