Diamonds 2 Quilt Along, Part 1: Piecing

Are you ready to take your quilting from ordinary to extraordinary? Welcome to the Diamonds 2 Quilt Along! I’m BERNINA Expert Amanda Murphy and I’m so excited by how many people are planning to join us and elevate their quilting to an entirely new level!

Diamonds 2 Quilt Along

Diamonds 2

This quilt along was created to celebrate the new BERNINA Q 16 PLUS on the Studio Frame and I’ll be giving you tips for frame quilting, but you can certainly quilt along with us even if you are on a sit-down longarm or a domestic machine.


The New Q Series Studio Frame

In the next months, I’ll be showing you how to break down your quilting into manageable segments. Even if are you only comfortable with quilting loops and meanders you CAN quilt something spectacular. Because quilting, unlike piecing, is all about texture. The contrast between straight lines and geometric shapes made with quilting templates (like my Good Measure Every Heart Quilting Templates Set 2 and the Every Angle template that we’ll use for this quilt) and organic free-motion shapes will make you look like a quilting super-star!

Start by downloading the piecing instructions here. The sample is in the mint color story. I’ve also provided you yardage charts for other options.

Next month we will start quilting, so gather your Good Measure Measure Every Heart Quilting Templates Set 2, the Every Angle template and your ruler foot, and I’ll meet you back here on on December 8th!

Happy quilting!


8 thoughts on “Diamonds 2 Quilt Along, Part 1: Piecing

  1. If quilting on a sit down or domestic machine should they have their tops sandwiched for the next lesson or will you show how to do that? I will be doing mine on a longarm but two customers will be on the other machines.

    1. I’ll talk about how I do it on the longarm. If you are comfortable doing that then you can go ahead. If you are on a sit-down you can go ahead and make the sandwich too, but you shouldn’t feel in a rush to do so as the posts remain up….

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