QR Code Quilts from Georgia Bonesteel

Georgia Bonesteel – you know her from her Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel books and television shows – shared photos of one of her recent quilts with me. What a cool idea! Here’s her story:

I made the first QR code quilt for my son Paul at www.bonesteelfilms.com.

QR code quilt for Paul Bonesteel by Georgia Bonesteel

And because our son-in-law was so jealous I did one for his office at CocaCola. The top PR person at CocaCola called about featuring it on their blog! [See it at CocaCola Journey, Innovative Art: The Quilts of Georgia Bonesteel – Jo]

Georgia Bonesteel’s CocaCola QR Code Quilt on CocaCola’s blog.

I also did one for my own website that is called “Patchwork Forever.” This was part of a stamp challenge with my PTA (Professional Textile Artists) groupies – we developed some cool stamps! That group includes Mary Stori, Judy Simmons, Linda Cantrell, and others.

Georgia Bonesteel’s Forever Stamp Quilt with QR Code


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