Holiday Half-Square Table Runner

My name is Sharon Pernes and I am the proud owner of two BERNINA sewing machines, a 210 and a 630 QE. This table runner is my first (free) pattern that was just introduced to my readers and followers last week. I’d love to share it with all my BERNINA sisters and brothers!

Last month I accepted a challenge to use “Countdown to Christmas” fabric to make something for the holiday season. I immediately knew that I wanted to make a table runner; they are my favorite things to make. Being a new pattern designer I have been concentrating on making patterns that have 2 of my favorite squares; HSTs [half-square triangles] and connectors. Once I had the X part of the pattern done the star inside just fell into place. I hope you like this pattern, I am currently making it in batiks, and I think it’s a timeless pattern that can be made with any 4 fabrics. Please visit my blog Craizee Corners ( to see more of my work, download instructions for making your own table runner, and see my tutorial for cutting HSTs with a “Cut for the Cure” Half-Square Triangle ruler.

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