Lacy Ribbon Cuff

Small accessories are a simple and trendy way to translate your sewing skills to wearable items. They’re quick to sew up and you can create something to match any outfit! The options are endless to customize to your personal style.

This project utilizes simple supplies you can find at any craft store—some ribbon, pretty bright threads, and basic jewelry findings. Show off your favorite decorative stitches on your BERNINA machine and wear them everywhere you go!


Materials to Create a Lacy Ribbon Cuff


Step 1. Cut ribbon

Begin by measuring your wrist using a soft tape measure. Wrap around your wrist and measure what feels comfortable for a bracelet size for you. For me, that’s about 7”. Measure and cut two lengths of ribbon at this size.


Step 2. Stitch together

Before we get started sewing, consider the color of your bobbin thread. This thread will be visible so you may choose to match it to your top thread. However, if you want to contrast, that can be an interesting look too!

I’ve chosen some neon Mettler Polysheen colors. They have a collection of about 11 shades of some truly neon, crazy colors. I love the look of neon contrasting against a soft, neutral linen look.

Lacy_Ribbon_Cuff_ Neon_Threads

Attach Tailor Tack Foot #7 to your machine. Then, select zigzag stitch #2. Decrease the stitch length to about 1 mm, or your preferred satin stitch length.

Next, decrease the upper thread tension to 1. Reducing this upper thread tension is crucial to this stitch!


Place the two pieces of ribbon, butted up against one another, underneath the presser foot. As you sew the zigzag, the needle will stitch through one ribbon then the other. Sew all the way to the end of your ribbons.

The reduced upper thread tension allows for slack in that upper thread to create the tunnel you see forming over the guide in the presser foot.


Step 3. Separate and stitch

Gently tug the ribbons apart. The slack in the threads will keep them attached but create a gap between the two pieces.

Lacy_Ribbon_Cuff_ Pull_Apart

Attach Open Embroidery Foot #20 to the machine and select triple straight stitch #6. Lengthen the stitch to about 3.3 mm.


Place the ribbons underneath the presser foot, centering the newly created thread channel under the foot. As you triple stitch down the center, the stitch will gather or bundle threads together, creating a lacy look.

Lacy_Ribbon_Cuff_ Stitch_Through_Center

Step 4. Add decorative stitching

Next, we’ll add some decorative stitching to each of the individual ribbons. You can use any fancy decorative stitch you’d like—I have chosen #307.


Place one side of the ribbon underneath the presser foot, aligning the edge of the lacy thread stitching to the inside toe of the presser foot. Sew the length of the ribbon. Repeat on the opposite side.


When all your stitching is finished, secure all the thread tails at either end with a couple drops of Fray Block. This will keep our stitches extra secure as we wear this accessory.


Step 5. Finish with hardware

Our final step is to make this piece wearable! Insert each end into a ribbon crimp end and secure by hand or with pliers. Then fit both pieces with either a jump ring or a small lobster clasp.


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