Sewing Safety Tip: Straight Pins

A sewing safety tip from Teri Lucas, quilter, teacher, and associate editor at Generation Q magazine. Visit her at her TerifiCreations website and blog.

We all search long and hard for just the perfect pins. We love them fiercely.

straight pins, sewing machine

Be careful with straight pins and take care to pull them out and remove them from the surface of the machine as you are stitching.

remove pins

If pins get into the heart of the machine they can do a lot of damage including damaging the thread cutter on some of the newer machines. If this gets damaged our favorite machine will spend hours with our favorite tech. (And no, I do not know this from experience.)

Happy Quilting


bent straight pins

[Teri may not know this from personal experience, but I do 🙁  The needle hit the pin right in the center, broke it, and drove the two halves down into the bobbin case. NOT GOOD! Jo]

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