Sewing with Minky: Tips and Tricks

Minky, a polyester knit, is a soft fabric that is often used for children’s projects, home decor, or craft projects. It is quite elastic and stretchy, but the texture is worth learning how to sew with Minky!

Fabric Characteristics of Minky:

  • Minky is 100% polyester fabric with a very soft, fuzzy feel.
  • It has 2-way stretch and has nap, so pattern layout is important.
  • It may stretch in length, width or both.
  • Once cut, the edges will often shed fabric fuzz.


Care and Use of Minky:

  • Minky is often used in children’s projects, like blankets and soft toys.
  • It makes comfy pillows and quilt backs!
  • It is machine washable.
  • Use ballpoint pins or wonder clips.
  • Use a straight stitch, 3.0 – 3.5 mm stitch length.
  • After cutting pattern pieces, you can reduce the amount of fuzz in your sewing room by placing the pieces in the dryer, without heat, for just a few minutes.
  • Be sure to clean and oil your sewing machine after sewing.

Recommended BERNINA Presser Feet for Sewing Minky


A BERNINA Dual Feed Foot, such as Reverse Pattern Foot #1D, is a great choice for sewing on Minky. This will assist with the even feeding of the fabric.


If you are using a BERNINA 880 PLUS, then remember to also increase the Dual Feed speed by selecting the Information icon > the Dual Feed icon > increase to 2.0. This setting will reduce the stretching of the top layer of fabric and improve the end results.


BERNINA Walking Foot

Of course, the Walking Foot #50 is also a great choice to sew with Minky because it will keep the top and bottom layers of fabric more even as it feeds under the presser foot.


Tips for Sewing on Minky

  1. Decrease the Presser Foot Pressure on your machine to prevent stretching the top layer of fabric. Be sure to test sew to decide what setting is best for your project.


  1. Use a Stretch Needle size 80/12 or 90/14.


Minky is quite popular for all kinds of projects. Yes, there are some steps that will help your sewing experience more pleasant! Be sure to use the right needle, the right presser foot and decrease the Presser Foot Pressure. Test sew before you begin.

Enjoy creating your next Minky project!

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