How to make an embroidered Valentine's Pocket Pillow

How To Make a Lacy Love Note Pillow

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Slip a love note into your Valentine’s pillow this holiday. Learn how to create a lacy applique that can be used a pocket or just used as a pretty dimensional accent piece on a sweet little cushion.


How To Make a Shanghai Links Pillow

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Use scraps of colorful fabrics and fusible web to create the optical illusion of overlapping links with the Shanghai Links Pillow by Quilter, Author and Teacher Renae Allen.

DIY Ruffled Tulle Table Runner

How to Make Elegant Ruffled Tulle Table Runners

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Looking for a quick way to add color and drama to your next party? These tulle table runners create a huge impact and take just a few minutes to sew.

How to Make a Bias Tape Throw Pillow

How to Make a Bias Tape Throw Pillow

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Classic lines and simple geometry add a distinctive touch to your décor. Have fun with contrasting colors or indulge your fondness for tone-on-tone subtlety. The result is a simple object with striking effect.

A Silly Halloween Riddle #bernina #home dec #sew #diy #embroider #project inspiration #weallsew #halloween #pillow

A Silly Halloween Riddle

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Check out these adorable Halloween pillows from Betty Stoltenburg, The Sewing Room, Beaverton, OR. They’re BOO-tiful!

Tea Cozy by Stacy Schlyer for WeAllSew #diy #free project #free tutorial #tea cozy #tea time #home dec #home decor #insulate #quilt #modern quilt

DIY Tea Cozy

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Make your next tea time extra special with this contemporary version of a traditional cozy. If you start sewing early afternoon, you’ll have one ready in time for tea.

home decor with handmade charlotte #home dec #sew #diy

Home Décor with Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte

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One of my favorite things to do is spend hours on the web seeing what other creative types are doing with their sewing machines. All it takes is to land on one fantastic creation and then there you go—from blog to blog to Pinterest to Flicker to whoops!—down the wormhole! But it’s an inspired trip.

dorm-room-decor-memory-pillow feature 2 315x214px w

Dorm Décor: Memory Pillow

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My oldest daughter is off to college this month! She will be 1,600 miles away from home so I thought I’d make her a little something for her dorm room to help her remember us while she is away.

bluework revival table runner #weallsew #sew #free project #home dec #table runner

DIY Bluework Revival Table Runner

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Antique quilting meets modern method. We all cherish hand-quilted antiques but we don’t always have the time to honor this wonderful tradition. Luckily, there is a faster way! Recreate the traditional look of bluework with a hand-look stitch on your sewing machine. Revive tradition and create the heirlooms of tomorrow.

holiday photo patchwork pillow #sew #quilt #ribbon #sheer #fiberella #weallsew

Sheer Crazy! Holiday Patchwork Photo Memory Pillows

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I guess it’s true. All memories are colored the way we’d most like to remember them. Here I’ve applied “color-drenched lenses” to revisit a vintage family photo, then incorporated the resulting images into patchwork pillows.