DIY Gifts for Stitchers

DIY Gifts to Sew for Stitchers

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Do you have someone on your Holiday gift list that sews, or is just learning to sew? Find the perfect gift idea for that stitcher on your list from our hand-picked projects, perfect for stitchers of all types – garment makers, crafters, and quilters too!

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Creative Surroundings

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I recently had a milestone birthday (I’m not saying which one) and when my husband asked me what I wanted as a gift, I didn’t ask for diamonds, an ocean cruise, or a new wardrobe…more than anything, I wanted a sewing-room makeover! So I took myself off to IKEA to see what I could find

Clever fabric storage tip from Kaysie Oldani #sew #diy #organization #weallsew

Making the Most of a Small Space

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Moving into a smaller house can be challenging! Here is another one of my ways to get the most out of a small space. I stacked shelf organizers above the long closet shelf to store my fabric stash. Yep, this is all I have!!!

batting scraps

Save Those Batting Scraps!

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A great tip for keeping your sewing area clean by saving scraps of batting!

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My Favorite Thread Rack

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This is my favorite way to organize my thread stash! I like that I can hang the racks or stand them on my cabinet. I have several: sewing thread, embroidery thread, and serger thread. The June Taylor Mega-Rak II holds 120 spools!    

clear shoe pockets

Not Just for Shoes

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In the corner of my sewing room, between the doorway and a bookcase, hangs one of my favorite organizers — an over-the-door, clear plastic shoe caddy.

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Alternate Use for Artificial Christmas Tree Bags

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I just learned a great tip from quilt designer and author Anita Grossman Solomon! Check out her You Tube video and see another wonderful use for those large artificial Christmas tree storage bags.

Isacord Thread Storage Tray

Thread Organization – Isacord Thread Trays

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I’m getting a jump start on my New Year organization with these new, sturdy Isacord thread trays — they happen to fit perfectly in this deep drawer and stack easily as well. The Isacord thread cones snap onto the tray, so it’s easy to lift out without spilling!