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Embroidery Basics: Tip for Storing Stabilizer Information Sheets

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Here’s a trick for keeping stabilizer information sheets neatly stored right with the stabilizer roll where they will be easy to find every time you need them.

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Finding a Needle…In or Out of a Haystack

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Can’t find the right needle? Jo shares her needle storage tips and a link to everything you need to know about needles but didn’t know to ask.

Deconstruct a Shirt with LUKE Haynes #diy #sew #quilt #material #fabric #upcycle #recycle #organize #studio #storage #weallsew

Deconstruct a Shirt with LUKE Haynes

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Hey everyone! I want to share with you the way I disassemble a shirt into working yardage. I use this all the time to get material from the clothes I get from myself or from Goodwill.

Coiled Rope Baskets by Juliette Lanvers for WeAllSew #sew #basket #bowl #storage #free project #tutorial #easy

How to Make a Coiled Rope Basket

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Beauty is really simple when you think about it. A humble spool of cotton clothesline turns into a beautiful basket with the simplest of sewing techniques. A zigzag stitch is all you need as you go round and round to produce the shape you desired. Then add some color to create the perfect home-dec accent.

Gypsy Bitty Buddy on BERNINA Free Hand System Lever #sew #organize #studio #workroom #diy #notions

Keeping My Newly-Organized Sewing Space Neat and Tidy

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In my quest to keep my newly made over sewing space clean and organized, I recently discovered a small little product that will help me do just that. The Gypsy Bitty Buddy, a collapsible little nylon trash can you can use in your sewing room or take with you when you go to classes.

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Creative Surroundings

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I recently had a milestone birthday (I’m not saying which one) and when my husband asked me what I wanted as a gift, I didn’t ask for diamonds, an ocean cruise, or a new wardrobe…more than anything, I wanted a sewing-room makeover! So I took myself off to IKEA to see what I could find

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Making the Most of a Small Space

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Moving into a smaller house can be challenging! Here is another one of my ways to get the most out of a small space. I stacked shelf organizers above the long closet shelf to store my fabric stash. Yep, this is all I have!!!

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My Favorite Thread Storage Boxes

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Why do I love my Sulky Slimline thread boxes? Let me count the ways…


Hanging Stabilizer Storage

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One of the hardest things for me was figuring out what to do with all my stabilizers. They were rolling all over the place!

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Top 10 2012 New Year’s Re-SEW-lutions

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In December we asked you to share your 2012 New Year’s Re-SEW-lutions on our BERNINA USA facebook fanpage, and judging by the wonderful response there are a whole lot of you planning on sewing with a purpose this year. So, without further ado, here are your TOP 10 Re-SEW-lutions!