BERNINA Presser Feet Storage Tip

When I say foot control, I’m not talking about the pedal you step on to power your machine. This post is about how I organize and store my BERNINA presser feet and accessories. One of the most often asked questions when I am teaching is, “How do you store your presser feet?” Over the years I tried everything from tackle boxes to multi-drawer hardware chests to putting organizer trays in drawers. They all worked to organize and store most of my feet, but not all of these methods had a place to store the larger accessories. (I should let you know that I have ALL of the BERNINA feet and accessories, plus duplicates of some, so finding something to fit them all is no easy task.)

Hold Everything

I came up with my current organization method a couple of years ago and it is the best I’ve had so far. It holds everything I have and involves a couple of compact desktop cubes that I bought at a local craft store. When I went to find a link to share with you, it seems that the cubes are not available anymore but I decided to share my method anyway because you may be able to adapt this to other drawers or containers in your sewing space.

two storage cubes

Compact Cubes

The desktop cubes are 14 ¼” x 14 ¼” x 7 ½” and have what looks like nine drawers. In fact, each cube has three drawers, but came with dividers to separate each drawer into 3 sections. The first thing I did after I assembled the cubes is cut a piece of felt to line the bottom of each of the three drawers to provide a bit of protection for the feet. I used spray adhesive to adhere the felt to the bottom of the drawer. Next, I added the dividers – two in the first two drawers and one in the bottom drawer.

lined and divided drawer

Labeled Drawers

I printed numbered labels, 0-9, for the front of the drawers and here’s what is different from my other attempts at organization. The ideal way to store each foot or accessory is in their own little labeled compartment but I’ve never found a storage unit that would accommodate that. So, I divided the feet into numbered groups: single digit feet in the first section, teen feet in the second, twenties in the third, and so on. Dividing them into groups still provides a home for them so I know where they belong and I can easily find a particular foot when it’s time to use it. I also like that the cube is a nice compact place to store them.


labeled drawers

The bottom drawer is divided into two sections – one is labeled 6-7 and easily holds the feet with sixty and seventy numbers and the other two are labeled 8 and 9. Because I did not put the divider between the 8 and 9 sections, it is large enough to hold my bias binders, ruffler and other large pieces as well as the feet that go with them such as 95 and 95C.

2-section drawer

More Storage

The second cube on my table holds things such as stitch plates, seam guides, and tools used to secure attachments to my machine. There’s also room to hold other sewing notions such as small rulers and tape measures, a variety of fabric markers and other miscellaneous notions.


second cube


This method works for me, but I am always looking for even better ways to store my BERNINA presser feet and accessories and I’d love to hear how you store yours. Please let me know in the comment section below. For more information on specific BERNINA presser feet and accessories, see The Big Book of Feet at your local BERNINA store.

The Big Book of Feet

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31 comments on “BERNINA Presser Feet Storage Tip”

  • I use a Plano Guide Series™ StowAway® Rack System. It has plenty of room and adjustable sections for my feet. I can store the special items like the Walking foot and accessories like the circle embroidery attachment. Everything is easy to see.

    • Bernina used to have a very nice plastic storage case. I could use another! The doors are clear plastic and you can see your feet, each one is suspended on its own hanger, not jumbled together. Plus there are drawers for other items, the brush, seam guide, etc.

  • Since these drawers are no longer available, I purchased a hanging jewelry organizer with clear pockets for less than $10. Each side has 30 vinyl pockets with 3 larger pockets below. There is enough room for several presser feet in each pocket (in case you have 2 or more duplicate feet.) The info sheet fits into the pocket and works as a label. I have some empty pockets so it looks like I can go shopping for more accessories.

  • I found the perfect storage rack at CrittersWoodShoppes, at Etsy shop. It holds the presser feet and bobbins, just not the larger items, which are easily stored in a drawer or small box.

    • I bought one of these as well. It’s great; holds nearly all of my presser feet using the same plastic holders as the “Barbie case”. Also holds the bobbin racks and the smaller drawers, although at an angle. The stitch plates, oil and buttonhole foot are at the bottom. Sorry I can’t post a picture.

    • I use the Harbor Freight organizers too, they have one that has adjustable compartments so I can actually get my extra needle plate in it as well as the feet and the other accessories specific to the machine. I have one for each of my machines and I used a label maker to put labels in the bottom of each compartment so I can see the foot number at a glance. I store each with the machine they are for, either in a rack under the table they are on or in the sewing table storage. That way I never mix up the feet between my Singers, Pfaff, Kenmore and Bernette.

  • Your method is prettier than mine, but I have a single small drawer for each foot in a stackable box of plastic drawers from Stanley. I’m almost ready for another set. It’s large enough for my buttonhole leveling plates, but I don’t have the binders so I don’t know they are larger enough for them. I have my feet by order of their numbers, but I also have the name on the front.

  • The storage cupboards that come with some of the machines are ok but they take up alot of space on your table. What we did first was to drill two holes into the back of the plastic cupboard and hung on the wall behind my sewing machine, but found that I would have to have quite a few to hold all my feet. So my husband made a wooden box with using the feet hangers that come with the plastic cupboards and made the box to hang on the wall, now all I need to do is to purchase the feet hangers when needed. I put them in numerical order and are able to see all of them at once. I wish I could post a picture of it here, if you know how let me know.

  • I love this suggestion! A few years ago, I purchased a tool box sort of thing–designed to hold small pieces in a wood or metal working shop. It’s been sitting in my garage for two years; it’s coming down to my sewing room! Especially love the idea of your labeling!

  • Some great ideas here. I will have to search Harbor Freight to get a storage box for my feet as I have no room in my accessory box. Thanks for sharing!

  • I ordered extra inserts for my original Bernina 1130 tool kit. With three, I store 27 feet in one IKEA drawer divider, in numerical,order. Extra large attachments fit in other compartments of the divider.

  • I use an Artbin cake decorating cabinet, the exact model of which is sadly no longer available. I swapped out the tip tray for a regular tray. The top compartment, which is quite voluminous, is where I keep my BSR, my circular sewing attachment various other large items. The fact that its colour scheme is white and red makes it even more perfect for my QE 750 accessories ?

    PS I save the silica gel packets that come with various electronic products and use them in all the storage boxes and bins that hold my metallic sewing items, including my sewing machine feet, as a way to protect them from humidity.

  • I use the Artbin jewelry parts storage bin. Anti-corrosion feature for metal. It has movable dividers to store feet, plates, needles, etc. And, t it’s see thru and stackable with other Artbins. But the walking foot and BSR stay in their own protective boxes.

  • I have a craft storage box that I have been using. It has three levels of storage, plus two end compartments that fold down. I use the fold down ends to store frequently used feet so I don’t very often have to open and go into the large storage area.

  • I use plato fishing tackle boxes, dividers are adjustable. I store feet in numerical order and they sort of stand up so you can see the numbers on them. I also keep feet for my other machines in the boxes one for each machine but it takes more boxes for my Bernina.

  • Great ideas above! What I am doing with the feet I have for my Bernina machine is a silicone cube maker I bought at a Walmart some time ago that was intended for freezing leftover herb butter to freeze……which I never got around to doing….! Sounded good at the time! Anyways, It works great for the feet that came with my Bernina sewing machine and the extras I have since bought. I keep mine in a desk drawer where I sew but they could be put anywhere. At the store where I bought it, I found it in the area where canning jars etc. is located.

  • I use a 4 drawer plastic toolbox sold at Harbor Freight.
    It’s the Storehouse 4 drawer tool box.
    Had it for years. It stores all my feet and I’m able to organize it-5 mm in one drawer, 9 mm in another etc.
    The top storage holds other sewing supplies , so while it sits on my sewing table it is easy to grab to take to class.

  • I have tried plastic boxes (like fish tackle boxes) that have little squares inside, the plastic storage box that came with my small machine, and containers that have little drawers; but the storage I like the best is the Bernina Accessory case []. It has room for my 30 plus feet (regular, “c”, & “d” feet), needles, walking foot, foot plates, small tools, scissors, & small notions. It’s a little pricey, but I love it. I like having everything kept together. Plus it has a hard outside, so it protects everything inside!

  • I use silicone ice cube trays in a 6 drawer cart. Each tray holds 6 feet. Each drawer holds 2 trays. I made labels I put in the trays in numerical order. Odd sized feet like circle attachment, bsr, walking foot go in another drawer. Everything is very easy to find.

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