Car Repair with CutWork!

I bet you’ve never seen something like this!

My husband was working on our truck and needed some new gaskets. He had read on the Internet that some guys were cutting these parts out of cereal boxes and he wondered, “Could this be done on Mary’s sewing machine with the CutWork tool?”

And the answer was, “Yes!”

And of course he was fascinated watching the pieces cut out. I even let him push the button and turn the dials!


Original gasket and one made with the CutWork Tool.


New gasket, installed.
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4 comments on “Car Repair with CutWork!”

  • Too cool!!! Can you tell us how you duplicated the gasket? Did you do it manually or did you program it into our machine or ….? I would love it if you could explain the process. Thank you.

  • It was very easy to do. I placed the old gasket on my scanner and scanned directly into the Designworks Software. A few clicks of digitizing and it was ready to cut out. I hooped some stabilstick stabilizer and placed a piece of a cereal box on it and let the machine go to work. Now I don’t know a thing about car repair but my engineer husband is thrilled with the result!

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