How To Clean and Maintain Your Sewing Machine

One easy way to get the most from your sewing machine is to keep your machine cleaned, dusted, oiled, and adjusted properly. Learn how to clean and maintain your sewing machine with our WeAllSew top tips below.

Don’t forget to check in your sewing machine manual for specific directions to clean and oil your specific model, and remember to visit your local BERNINA store at least once a year for a thorough inside-and-out clean, oil, adjust, and update!

Sewing Machine Maintenance Tips

Think using canned air to blow link in your sewing machine is a good way to keep it clean? Think again! Visit this post to learn how to use (or don’t use) canned air when cleaning your sewing machine.

All about sewing machine needles

When you are experiencing stitching issues with your sewing machine and can’t seem to figure out why, stop and follow these 5 Tips to Solving Thread Tension Problems.

Step 2 of how to clean your sewing machine

Find out the best ways to remove all of that dust and lint from your machine with this Sewing Machine Cleaning Tip from WeAllSew.

sewing machine maintenance

What exactly happens when you bring your machine when you bring it to your BERNINA store for yearly servicing? Do Your Really Know Your Machine on the Inside? Find out the answers to these questions in this fun post! And see what happens when you don’t keep your machine clean in this post.


Sewing machine mat tutorial

Our favorite way to keep those handy cleaning tools at the ready (like tweezers and small brushes) is to keep them organized in a handy Sewing Machine Mat.

Example of a Skipped Stitch

If your sewing machine isn’t adjusted properly you may experience skipped stitches, no matter how clean it is. Learn how to Troubleshoot Skipped Stitches to keep your machine sewing perfect stitches.

All about sewing machine needles

Did you ever think about how something so small as a needle can have such a big impact on the success of your sewing project? Using the wrong type or size of needle for your sewing project can result in problems like skipped stitches, broken thread, and needle breakage. Learn how to use the right needle for your sewing job in this post All About Sewing Machine Needles.

Speaking of needles, you can’t use the right needle for your sewing project if you can’t find it! Here’s a great tip for Organizing Your Sewing Machine Needles.

Tension Testing Tutorial - bottom thread

Sometimes when your stitches get wonky it’s time to stop and adjust the upper thread tension. Check out these Tips for Tension Testing to understand how to best set your sewing machine tension.

Stitch sample book tutorial

How do you find just the right stitch from your sewing machine? It’s easy when you create a Stitch Sampler book! This book can show you at a glance what each stitch looks like when actually sewn out, and make the stitches easy to find by quickly referencing the stitch number in your sewing machine.

One final tip! Once your machine is thoroughly cleaned, make a custom Sewing Machine Dust Cover and keep it covered and dust-free when not in use. Happy sewing with your clean machine!

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12 comments on “How To Clean and Maintain Your Sewing Machine”

  • I have tried brushes and vacuming , however I have found that using firmly wrapped Q tips works best for me because they grab the lint and keep it. I may use twenty or more because I am very careful not to leave any of the cotton in my machines, so one swipe with each end and into the trash they go.. I first tried Qtips on my serger…because the lint got in the strangest places.

  • I couldn’t agree more with what you said that you should read the manual of your sewing machine on how to properly clean it. My sister has a sewing machine and she mentioned that the stitches it makes became loose after she cleaned it. I’m now helping her find a professional sewing machine repair service to have it checked and fixed right away as she needs it for her home business. Thank you…

    Barbara Harris

  • The maintenance of your sewing machine is really important and you in order to do that you must oil your sewing machine whenever you use them. Also, its good if you buy a sewing machine cover to save it from dust. You have raised some really good point and they are really helpful for the beginner sewists. Good job.


  • I had this sewing machine that I purchased brand new. I didn’t take much care of the sewing machine and it started to create a problem. So its really important to keep the machine clean if you want to keep it working for a long duration. It doesn’t take much to clean and maintain your sewing machine. Do it once a while and it will work fine

    Jessica Smith

  • Yes, the maintenance of your sewing machine is really important and you in order to do that, you must oil your sewing machine whenever you use them. When machines are not in use, the need maintenance service, after the service machines run smooth and fine.

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  • Expression and photos are really very detailed. Although I cannot do the repair work, it will be very useful for my wife who is skilled in these matters. Thank you.

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