Longarm Quilting Tip: Using the Ergo Handles

Quilting should be considered a sport, not a hobby. It is a physically demanding activity. Yes, ironing all 50 yards of fabric recently purchased at the local quilt shop, or piecing fabric is a workout. Piecing requires going back and forth, pressing all those seams and then returning back to the ironing board. I am not even going to fully engage in the physical labor of quilting a top. Proceeding on a domestic sewing machine is a little like wrestling a 500 lb. alligator through your sewing machine. Choosing to continue on the longarm is, no doubt, a bit easier. However, there are physical challenges regardless. Just standing in front of the machine for extended periods of time with your arms out in front of you takes a huge toll on your arms, neck and shoulders. We all need to give our bodies a little TLC every once in awhile.

BERNINA has tapped into our need of giving ourselves some TLC. How have they achieved this? Well, the handles on the BERNINA longarm, are simply fantastic. They can be maneuvered in a number of ways, but there are two things I LOVE about them. My first love is that I can alter their position to provide me with a clear working space while completing ruler work. Can you tell I have just a few rulers from the picture shown above? The second reason why I love these handles is the simple fact that the they can be lengthened. Therefore, if I am working towards the back of the frame, I can quickly adjust the handles which prevents me from having to lean in towards the frame to such a strenuous degree. Talk about a tremendous positive for my aching back!



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