Tips for Using the Adjustable Ruler Foot with Slit #72S


The Adjustable Ruler Foot with Slit #72S is the perfect foot choice when switching between rulerwork and free-motion quilting. The slit on the side of the foot allows you to manage your upper threads and easily pull them under the foot and to the back, AND it allows you to switch to free-motion quilting without having to cut your threads. Let me share with you my top tips for using this foot.

Adjustable_Ruler_Foot_#72S_02_Foot_image_BERNINA_WeAllSew_Blog_750x637pxThe #72S foot allows for the use of rulerwork 360 degrees around the foot. Its base is a 1/4″ thick and has markings to help keep your quilting perfectly lined up.

The Adjustable Ruler Foot #72S is adjustable for different thicknesses of battings. You will notice a golden twisting mechanism in the middle of the foot. Turn this to raise and lower the shank of the foot. A good rule is to always start with the foot completely lowered and raise it as needed to accommodate thicker quilts.  This really allows for a lot of flexibility and control in your quilting projects.

 Switching Feet is Simple:

  1. Stop in the needle down position.


  1. Raise presser foot by touching Sewhead screen.


  1. Remove Adjustable Ruler Foot with Slit #72S.


  1. Attach Adjustable Stippling Foot #73.


  1. Repeat as needed without having to cut threads

Watch this short video to see how it’s done:

Optional Accessories

This foot is compatible with both the BERNINA domestic sewing machines and Q Series machines, as well as the BERNINA Couching Inserts and Echo Quilting Clips.

The Couching Inserts come in a package of three and accommodate various thicknesses (1.6, 1.8 and 2.2 mm) of cording and yarn. I love this because I can achieve many different effects and use lots of beautiful threads.  They are great for both free-motion and rulerwork quilting.


The Echo Quilt Clips come in a package of three and are perfect for use with rulerwork. This is really like training wheels for perfect quilt spacing.  They make it possible to use the same ruler and by changing the size of the clip, you can echo your previously stitched design by either 0.5″, 0.75″ or 1.0″.



The adjustable ruler foot #72S is a very versatile foot for finishing your quilts. Used in conjunction with the Adjustable Stipple Foot #73 and the Couching Inserts and Echo Quilt Clips, you have many fun and exciting ways to finish your quilting and home dec projects. Two of the #72S Feet live in my sewing studio: one for my regular BERNINA and one for my longarm.



Happy quilting!

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