Flannel Baby Blanket and Burp Cloths

New babies in the family always bring a joyful noise! And they present the opportunity to make my favorite gift − a baby blanket with matching burp cloths. When grand niece Kinley arrived, I made a quick trek to the fabric store and came home with 2 yards of coordinating baby flannel and two cones of complementary Woolly Nylon serger thread. I like to prewash my fabrics, so once that was done and the fabric pressed, I placed the flannel pieces, wrong sides together, on a large cutting surface. I cut the largest square possible given the dimensions of the fabric and used a dinner plate to round the corners. A few pins at the corners helped keep the layers together. I then threaded the Woolly Nylon in the loopers of my serger with cotton thread in the left needle and created a balanced 3-thread wide overlock stitch around the entire edge. I always keep the fabric scraps to test the stitch settings to achieve the perfect stitch.

With the remaining fabric, I cut the largest possible rectangles, still with the fabric placed wrong sides together. I then adjusted my serger so that the stitch finger (or tongue) was in the rolled hem position. Using the same threads and left needle, and after testing to achieve a balanced narrow edge, I finished the edges of the burp cloths. Using a seam sealant at the corners prevents the threads from unraveling but be sure it dries soft to the touch.

Hopefully one day I will get a picture of Kinley swaddled in her new blanket sleeping peacefully! I’ll bet her mom and dad hope the blanket does the trick!

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      • Oops! That’s a typo — It should be Polyarn without the extra “Y” in the middle. It’s a texturized nylon serger thread made by Superior Threads, who also make Razzle Dazzle, King Tut, and some of my other favorite threads. Polyarn is available at independent fabric stores, but since it’s a fairly new product you may have to ask about it. Jo

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