Gingerbread House Building

Gingerbread House Building

It’s true what they say about grandchildren: they really are the reward for surviving parenting. They also provide an excellent excuse to make the best sort of messes, especially over the holidays when the focus can sometimes lean towards perfecting the season.

Gingerbread House Building

For the Ferrier clan, gingerbread house building has become a seasonal favorite. We start with a double batch of gingerbread dough and basic house cookie cutters. It didn’t take my creative crew very long to start making design changes, though, for truly personalized houses.

Gingerbread House Building

It’s a team effort. As the first house bakes, the next is planned and cut out. It’s hard not to notice that the houses tend to get more complicated as we go along. Left over dough gets turned into extra gables and chimneys, and props to set the scene, such as doors and shutters, stepping stones and even house guests and gas pumps.

Gingerbread House Building

The very best sort of pandemonium begins when the icing appears, along with sprinkles and candies galore. Since we’ve started building gingerbread houses, I’m always on the lookout for interesting shapes and patterns in the candy aisle. It’s even more fun when it’s used for something I never considered.

Gingerbread House Building

We started building the houses to create a new tradition with our grandchildren, but it’s turned out to be fun for all of us. It’s also turned out to be a wonderfully creative and even artistic adventure for us all. It’s easy to set in with a goal in mind only to have the cookies have the last laugh. It’s taught lessons on accepting defeat on perfectionism and snatching victory for character and charm.

For your own gingerbread house building adventure, here are some links to a similar cookie cutter set and recipes we have been using. I make it doubled and make 2-4 batches depending on the size of the crew.

Happy Holidays from Beth Ferrier at Beth Quilts.

Our December 20 Gift For You

Today’s gift is a selection of 5 fat quarter fabric sets to one awesome WeAllSew fan. All you have to do is post a comment below answering the following question:

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6 days until Christmas

58 thoughts on “Gingerbread House Building

  1. Great houses, I have never made a gingerbread house so I’m not sure what my favorite decoration would be.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures, it looks like a lot of fun. May have to try this when my 7 month old grandson gets a little older.

  2. I’ve never made a gingerbread house.
    It looks like fun making gingerbread houses.
    I think I would use some different types of Christmas candy.
    With lots of color.
    Thanks for sharing the great pictures.
    Happy Holiday’s

  3. My grandson added a birdhouse on a pole…..fruit loop on a pretzel stick; a bonfire made of pretzel sticks stacked in a circular formation with red frosting and red hots in the middle; pretzel sticks with mimic marshmallows on the ends, and you have winter camping outside the gingerbread cabin!

  4. I started making gingerbread houses with my son when he was in cub scouts. We made them out of graham crackers the first year and the kids had a blast. We then began having a Gingerbread House Party every year the week before Christmas. The kids would invite all of their friends over and the parents were free to finish up Christmas shopping or wrap presents or just take a break from the kids for a few hours. We’d order pizza and when the houses were all finished and the kids were eating pizza, the older ones would put on a karaoke show for the younger ones. At last count, we had 22 kids over. My husband and I would bake all the houses ahead of time, thanks to an iron mold that my father had given me, and the kids would each have to bring over a bag of candy. We’d put it out in bowls on the tables and then we’d be running around with pastry bags full of royal icing, placing it on the houses where the kids instructed. My kids are all grown now with children of their own and scattered across the country, but I sure do miss those days!

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