Jo’s Compact Traveling Sewing Kit

Don’t you hate not having a seam ripper or screwdriver (or needle threader or safety pin) when you need one? I never know what tools I’ll need when I teach, monitor, or take classes, so I’ve gathered together some items I need most often and put them into a small plastic tube (about the size of a soda can). It fits easily into my project bag or suitcase, and keeps my tools from getting jumbled in with my sewing notions and supplies.

Here’s a peek at what I have in my little “sewing tube” right now. I taught several overlocker/serger classes last month, so there might be a few items that are unfamiliar to you.

Tip: Mark all of your tools with colorful duct tape. Asking “Has anyone seen a seam ripper (screwdriver, needle threader, etc.) with pink duct tape on it?” usually results in the return of the missing item without the need for a detailed description.

 Starting at the upper left corner and working clockwise:

• Clear BERNINA storage tube and cap

• Thread snips

• Tweezers

• Sharpie marker

• Screwdriver with interchangeable tips

• Brass stiletto

• Seam ripper

• Surgical seam ripper

• Stylus

• Binding clip

• Curved safety pins

• Flower head pins

• Brush/needle insertion tool (for overlocker/serger needles)

• Small screwdriver (for overlocker/serger needles)

• Needle threader/needle insertion tool

• Safety pins

• Size 80/12 Universal sewing machine needles

• Dental floss threaders (great for threading interlocker/serger looper eyes)

How do you carry your sewing supplies to classes?

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