Needle Minder Project in TTNO#9

This compact needle case has a place for every kind of sewing machine needle, and evenĀ notes whether they areĀ “barely used” or “well worn.” Find instructions in Through the Needle ONLINE Issue #9, with two corrections listed in this blog post.

Concerning Lettering: The True Type Font “ansanga UPC” was used and set to 17.8 mm in height and 100 (percent) in width. When using other fonts it may be necessary to set the height and width differently; adjust as needed for the font selected.

Concerning Candlewicking Stitches: The following paragraph is missing from page 13, first column, after the second paragraph (Press ESC.): Right click on the second candlewicking stitch, which will bring up the Object Properties box. Set the size to 6 mm. and click Apply, then deselect. Right click on the 3rd candlewicking stitch and set the size to 8 mm; click Apply. You may need to refine the centering. Click OK, then Escape.

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