Quilt Safari, Part Seven: Sewing the Giraffe

Hello, all of you Quilt-Safari fans, how are you doing with your quilt blocks so far? We are now on part 7 of the quilt safari: today we are sewing the giraffe.

I have another fun quote for you, this time from Mitch Hedberg – I am sure this will also put a smile on your face: “I’d hate to be a giraffe with a sore throat”.

With this in mind… let’s get started 😀

giraffe quilt block pattern

A week has passed since the last block and I’ve seen your great blocks on Instagram and Facebook and in the community section of the blog. I am absolutely thrilled with how much love and joy you put into your work. Your fabric selections are so creative. It always surprises me how different the blocks look with all the different fabrics – really great!

I can also see how brave you are with your creativity. How even complete beginners have achieved really great results. That makes me really happy.

Today we are working with a relatively easy quilt block to relax. We’re going to tackle the giraffe.

Are You New to the Quilt Safari?

Is this your first time reading about the Quilt Safari? You are very welcome! You are always welcome in the jeep and we look forward to welcoming every fellow traveler through the steppes and savannahs of Africa. Together we will sew a quilt with FPP blocks with beautiful wild animals and acacia trees.

safari quilt pattern

The quilt block tutorials are published block by block on the BERNINA blog. Today I am presenting the seventh motif, the giraffe. The Border block, the Elephant Elli, the Zebra, the Standing Elephant, the Rhino and the Baby Elephant have already been published. Here you can find an overview of all previous blog posts: Quilt Safari on the WeAllSew Blog

The best place to start is by reading my first Quilt Safari blog post, in which I put together the most important information: We’re Going on a Quilt Safari.

There is no time pressure with the Quilt Safari. Basically, you can follow your own rhythm. There is only one date to keep in mind: If you want to participate in the final giveaway (and yes, you could win a sewing machine :-)! you have to show a photo of your finished quilt top on social media or in the community section of the blog by June 16.

You Only Want to Sew the Giraffe?

That is of course possible as well. All quilt blocks for this safari quilt are available as individual patterns.

Pattern for the giraffe

These quilt blocks are suitable for so many different projects, from a great beach bag to sofa cushions. There are no limits for you, just let your ideas flow.

Let’s get started!

First of all, here is my fabric selection. As always, this is just for inspiration. I am using solids and an orange/ rusty print. As always in the Quilt Safari, you are free to work with your own fabrics. By now you are so good at choosing your own fabrics that you no longer need mine.

The giraffe is sewn in the size 16 “x 16”

  • Orange (background)
  • Orange print fabric (giraffe)
  • Medium gray (legs)
  • Black (hooves, tail, snout, horns and eye)

This Is How We Start

For the giraffe, there are again some parts that need to be glued together. You can also glue the whole pages together, this works just as well as the individual parts.

You choose your way of doing this, there is no right or wrong, everyone has a different approach.

giraffe quilt block segments

As always, I lay my fabrics next to me. Then I can see how everything goes together.

Now you sew the individual segments as you did with all the other blocks.

If you are completely new, please read the first blog posts of the Quilt Safari, there are tutorials with step-by-step photos and videos.

The procedure for foundation paper piecing is the same for every quilt block.

giraffe quilt bock pattern

I lay out the individual segments neatly (Virgo, haha!) as shown on the overview and then sew them together, which makes it easier for me. But again, you can work your way, whichever way it makes sense for you.

giraffe quilt block pattern

Tadaa … a nice piece of art is finished.

I am so proud of you! As you can see, it’s going pretty quickly now and the initial difficulties have been overcome, haven’t they?

…And of Course, I Want to See Your Giraffes!

Your animals have certainly become super creative and colorful. I’m so excited to see pictures of your blocks. Show them to me on social media or in the community section of the blog! Always use the hashtag #quiltsafari on Instagram and Facebook. In the community section of the blog, don’t forget to select the “Quilt Safari” participation campaign.

See you next week

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