Rediscovering Wonder Tape

I know this isn’t a new product, but I’ve recently re-discovered it. Wonder Tape is a 1/4″-wide, double-sided, transparent tape that can be stitched through without gumming up the needle of your sewing machine. And the best part is… it completely disappears when you wash your project — the first time!

My favorite place to use it is when stitching zippers. Just remove the paper backing and use the tape to hold the zipper just where you want it on the fabric. If you haven’t used it before, you’ll wonder why, once you try it. (I wonder if that’s where the name comes from?)


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4 comments on “Rediscovering Wonder Tape”

  • Becky, English Smocking has always been a part of children’s sewing. Smocking is easy, but some struggle with the construction. Wonder Tape can make it easier. Start by pining pleated fabric strip to a sewing board with pleats distributed evenly and inset at correct length. Then place a strip of Wonder Tape® one thread width above the first pleater thread. Then place another strip of Wonder Tape® just below this, leaving 1 to 2 threads showing between the two pleater rows. Using a stitch length of 4-5, stitch between the rows of tape across the inset including the seam allowance at each end. Remove wonder tape.This row of stitching will be used when stitching inset to yoke or neckband to keep smocking perfectly straight and all the pleats standing up like little soldiers..

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