Sterling Monogram “Love” Pillow

Several years ago a friend of mine (Mary Newton, one of the co-founders of OESD), made a pillow very similar to this one. The pillow is constructed from two placemats sewn back to back and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. The new OESD Sterling Monogram design collection #010 is PERFECT for this. There are two styles of lettering, and each style has two sizes. I used the largest size for the letter “L” and then added the “ove” with lettering from BERNINA Embroidery Software 6.


Mary created her pillow using a fancy “W” and then adding “elcome” with lettering from the software. Think of all the pillows you could whip up in a jiffy and use so many letters in this collection — Live, Laugh, Joy, Peace, Happiness — not to mention all the monograms for your friends and family. Add the first letter as the large monogram and then spell out the name with lettering from your embroidery machine or software program.

3 thoughts on “Sterling Monogram “Love” Pillow

    1. Hi Jean, our Sewing Expert Kay shared this story with us for inspiration, we don’t have step-by-step instructions on how to create the exact same pillow. However, since Kay simply took two pre-made quilted placemats, embroidered a monogram on one, and then stitched the two placemats together, you may be able to re-create this project on your own. Happy stitching!

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