Writing Designs from Software to Machine or USB Stick

Many readers have asked for instructions on writing designs from BERNINA Embroidery Software to their embroidery system or USB storage device. The instructions below are written for the BERNINA 830, but the steps are the same for other systems except that a different device will be selected. Be sure you have the latest software updates; earlier version (that were released before the BERNINA 830) will not have the 830 as a device option.

The process for transferring designs with any of the above software products is the same:

  • Open the design in the software
  • Make desired changes using the available tools.
  • TIP: Before sending the design to the machine, save it as an ART file so it will be available if you want to modify it in the software again later.
  • Touch the Write to Machine icon and press OK, or select File > Write to Machine and press OK.
  • Select the BERNINA 830 or USB Stick for the BERNINA 830. (For other embroidery systems, select the appropriate device.

If using a USB stick:

  • Select the blue arrow icon to send the design to the USB Stick.
  • Wait for the “Design Successfully Sent to the Embroidery System” message.
  • Take the USB stick to the BERNINA 830 and embroider the design.

If using a cable connected directly to the BERNINA 830:

  • Select the blue arrow icon or the needle icon to send the file directly to the BERNINA 830.
  • The arrow saves the design to the 830 memory; the needle sends the design to the screen, and the design will not be saved to the machine.
  • Embroider the design.


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13 comments on “Writing Designs from Software to Machine or USB Stick”

  • I wanted to buy the 830 but no one at the store could advise me on how to use the software on my mac. Does Bernina have anyone that is a mac user to help me decide if I want to purchase the software or just use my Imac converter? The store insisted I needed the expensive software which was a deal breaker for me.

    • Hi Joan — BERNINA Embroidery Software was developed for PC; there isn’t a Mac version. I’ve heard that some people are able to use it on their Macintosh computers, but we don’t support that platform, and I don’t personally know anyone that uses it on a Mac. You don’t need the software to operate the 830, and the on-screen editing features work well for customizing designs — adding lettering, resizing, reshaping, combining, rotating, stitch density, etc. You only need software if you want to change a design or create your own. To see the on-screen editing capabilities of the BERNINA 830 visit http://www.berninausa.com, click BERNINA 8 Series in the left-hand menu, then select BERNINA 830 Support Materials. Here you’ll find a BERNINA 830 Emulator to download, as well as a copy of the owner’s manual. Try out the embroidery side of the machine to check out the many on-screen editing features. Let me know what you think! Jo

  • I have had the Bernina Auto Digitizer V4 for about 3 years, after trying to use it for several months and taking a couple of classes on it, it ended up in the closet. I found it very hard to understand the instruction books and the guy who taught the lessons knew about as much as I did. I have become very frustrated after purchasing what I felt like was a very expensive software. I have written to BerninaUSA and not gotten any answers either. I recently made a trip to Atlanta Sewing Center and they were not very helpful either. I do know that this software is not user friendly and I would advise anyone who is thinking about purchasing it to beware. I would like to have basic instructions on step 1, 2, 3, of how to use it, if at all possible. Instructions in writing so that I can follow and get a end result that I can be happy with.

    • Hi Darlene — I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had trouble using your BERNINA Embroidery Software v4. Later versions of the software include a series of tutorials, which I think makes it easier to not only learn the software but to see more of the amazing things that can be done with it. Version 4 is several years old and no longer supported, but write to me at [email protected] and I’ll try to answer your questions. Meanwhile, BERNINA Embroidery Software ArtLink 6 is available as a free download at http://www.berninausa.com > Products > Software.

  • I have tried this more than a several times. I keep getting the message” ; “To continue another embrodery system ADX must be restarted.” “Press OK to enable selection, exit and restart ADX”

    I cannot find anything about ADX – what am I doing wrong. I have V6 of software and have Artlink; using the instructions from Bernina the same error message keeps appearing. Help me please, thank you, Lorraine

    • Hi raineygg — ADX is the part of the software that lets you choose which embroidery system or media to send your embroidery design to. Which embroidery system are you using? Send an e-mail to me at [email protected] and I’ll help you find out what the problem is. Jo

  • I am trying to download the Artlink6 and keep getting error messages. 1. x86, type = win32, vers 9.0.210228 public token key 1fl8b3b9alel8e3b. Contact support. 2. The application has failed because its side by side configuration is incorrect. Please see application log for more detail. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? I have turned off all virus protection every time I have tried. Thank you!

    • Hi Cindy — I don’t know why you’re getting an error message, but that’s something our Software Support team can help you with. Go to http://www.berninausa.com > Support > Software Support; there you’ll find a link to submit a question that goes directly to the team. Jo

    • Hi Jean, do you know what type of file format that your Babylock reads? If you can find out the required file format, then you can save the designs in your V6 software to the correct file format to send to the Babylock.

  • I have installed Artlink 6. Can more than one design be chosen at one time? The instruction manual on page 6 indicates that holding the Ctrl key allows you to select multiple items, but this does not seem to work. Only one design can be arranged, rotated, etc.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Rhonda – You’re correct; only one object can be selected at one time. It appears that the online manual is for an earlier version of Artlink. I’ll let the embroidery team know about that. Sorry for the confusion! Jo

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