Shower Cap with Optional Ribbon Rosette by Stacy Schlyer

shower cap 315x214 feature

It’s no secret that you love to sing in the shower…and now you can do it in fabulous style. A bit of rip stop nylon and polyester chiffon will set the stage for an over-the-top, yet practical accessory. You can sing your heart out secure in the knowledge that your hair will emerge impeccable!

Shower Cap by Stacy Schlyer

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  1. cavalierking7

    Love the model….great project. Thanks so much!

  2. gapeach31781

    How or where do I get instructions? Can’t find them anywhere. thx.

    • WeAllSew

      Just below the description, above the right side of the yellow box, there should be a link to the instructions — the name of the project, underlined when you pass your cursor over it. On my computer it’s in red, but that could be different on yours. If you still can’t download them, let me know — Jo

  3. lizkee

    I am just learning about fabric so here’s a dumb question. What goes on the outside…the nylon or the polyester chiffon? In your picture which is the printed material?

    • WeAllSew

      There are no dumb questions! I had to check the instructions to see what was what. The ripstop nylon – the white fabric that looks a bit like graph paper – goes on the inside. It comes in a limited number of colors, and always has that grid-like appearance. The chiffon is the polka dot print on the outside; it’s available in an endless number of colors and prints, and since you only need a little, you can splurge on something gorgeous! Jo

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