Ribbon Trimmed Girl’s Christmas Skirt

Ribbon Trimmed Christmas Skirt Girls-4895

I love all sorts of Christmas traditions, especially those involving children, and sewing, of course! So each year I dream of making special Christmas dresses for my girls to wear to celebrations and our worship services. The dream doesn’t always come true given all the other demands of these season, but this cute skirt can be accomplished in an afternoon!

Ribbon Trimmed Christmas Skirt Girls-4865

Materials to make a Ribbon Trimmed Girl’s Christmas Skirt

  • Your girl’s Waist Measurement and the Desired Length of the skirt measured from the waist down.
    • I’m making a skirt to fit my daughter’s 22″ waist with a 15″ drop from the waist.
  • White cotton fabric measuring 2 times the Waist Measurement and the (Desired Length + 1.5″) x two. We’ll be creating a double-layer skirt so it is less shear and more stable for the ribbon embellishment.
    • For my skirt I’m using fabric 44″ long and (15″+1.5″) 2= 33″ wide.
  • Four different kinds of ribbon in red and green.
    • I used all grosgrain with a mixture of patterns and widths.
  • 1″ wide elastic the length of your girl’s Waist Measurement.
    • I cut mine 22″.
  • White thread and thread matching your ribbon color.

How to sew the Ribbon Trimmed Skirt

  1. Fold your fabric in half lengthwise and press a crease so your fabric is doubled. This crease will be your hem.

Ribbon Trimmed Christmas Skirt Girls-4866

2. With your fabric doubled as you have pressed it, fold your fabric again so the short raw edges meet. Pin along this short edge and stitch with a .5″ seam allowance to create the back seam. Edge finish the seam allowance with a zigzag. Press.

Ribbon Trimmed Christmas Skirt Girls-4869

3. Now we’ll create the elastic waist casing along the raw edge. Do this by working with the double layer of fabric and fold down wrong sides together 1/4″ and stitch with a zigzag close to the raw edge. Press.

Ribbon Trimmed Christmas Skirt Girls-4870

Fold this hemmed edge again 1 1/4″ to the wrong side and stitch close to the hemmed edge to form the casing. Leave 2″ open for threading the elastic. Press.

Ribbon Trimmed Christmas Skirt Girls-4874

4. Lay out your ribbons on the right side of the skirt to figure out the placement. I started about .5″ up from the bottom edge (the crease you created earlier) of the skirt and then spaced the ribbons about 1/4″ apart.

Ribbon Trimmed Christmas Skirt Girls-4877

5. Starting at the center back seam, lay the ribbon you’ve chosen to be closest to the bottom edge flat on the right side of the skirt and pin it evenly .5″ above the creased edge. Overlap the center back seam by .5″. Be careful to catch both layers of fabric but not the other side of the skirt.

Ribbon Trimmed Christmas Skirt Girls-4878

When you have pinned the ribbon all the way around and come to the center back seam again, cut the ribbon .5″ longer than you need to reach the seam, fold the ribbon under itself and pin overlapping the start of the ribbon.

Ribbon Trimmed Christmas Skirt Girls-4879

Now switch your thread to that coordinating with your ribbon. Topstitch very close to the bottom edge of the ribbon, removing the pins as you go. When you have finished, topstitch again very close to the top edge of the ribbon.

Ribbon Trimmed Christmas Skirt Girls-4883

6. You can now use this first ribbon as a guide to place your next ribbon. I placed mine 1/4″ above the first ribbon.

Ribbon Trimmed Christmas Skirt Girls-4885

Stitch the second ribbon in place as you did the first…

Ribbon Trimmed Christmas Skirt Girls-4887

…and continue until you have sewn on all the ribbons.

Ribbon Trimmed Christmas Skirt Girls-4888

Ribbon Trimmed Christmas Skirt Girls-4889

Ribbon Trimmed Christmas Skirt Girls-4892

7. Your final step is to thread the elastic through the casing, stitch the ends of the elastic together and then stitch the opening in the casing closed.

Ribbon Trimmed Christmas Skirt Girls-4893

I hope your girl will enjoy this fun and festive skirt!

Ribbon Trimmed Christmas Skirt Girls-4906


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