Holiday Ornament Mini Quilt

Looking for an easy, quick, modern project this holiday season? This Ornament Mini-Quilt uses the 8-at-a-time method for making half-square triangles quickly and easily—plus simple appliqué allows you to avoid curved piecing entirely!


Materials to make a Holiday Ornament Mini-quilt

• 16 solid-color squares 6″ x 6″ (I used fun holiday brights)
• 1 silver metallic or gray piece 2-3/4″ x 4″ (not shown in the photo above because I didn’t think of adding it until later!)
• 1 solid white piece about 21″ x 21″ for background
• 1 piece for quilt back, about 21″ x 21″
• 1 piece of batting about 21″ x 21″
• 3 strips for binding, 2-1/2″ x width of fabric


Mark diagonal lines on the back of 8 of the 6″ squares, from corner to corner in each direction.

Pair each marked square with a different color unmarked 6″ square, right sides together. Stitch along each side of both unmarked lines, 1/4″ from the line.


When you’re done, it should look like this.


Cut the stitched squares in half, straight through the intersection of the marked lines.


Without moving the square, cut the stitched squares in half again, in the other direction.


Now cut along the marked diagonal lines in both directions.


Ta-da! You now have 8 half-square triangles (HSTs)!


Press the HSTs open and trim to 2-1/2″ square. (This tiny 2-1/2″ square ruler is perfect for this task!)

Repeat this process with the other 6″ square to make 64 HSTs.


Now for the best part! Lay out the HSTs, 8 across by 8 down. There are tons of options for your layout here—you can lay out the HSTs with all the seams going in the same direction, like I did, or in zig-zagging directions, diamonds, etc. With a little advance planning, you could even make an ornament with zig-zag strips or some other cool pattern.


With your layout complete, sew the HSTs together into groups of four, as I’ve started doing in this photo. I like to press all my seams open, but if you prefer side-pressed seams, just make sure to alternate the direction of the seams for each group of four.


Sew together the blocks of four into one large 16-1/2″ block.


Here’s where things might get a little scary. You’re going to draw a large circle on your 16″ block and cut out the circle. To trace my circle, I used this 16″ round drink-serving tray. But any large plate, platter, or tray between 14″ and 16″ diameter would work.


Just trace around the tray or plate to create the circle.


And cut!


Does it look like a Christmas ornament yet?


Take your 21″ square background fabric piece and press it in half in both directions to crease it. This will help you find the center when placing your ornament. Leave space at the top for the little silver cap on your ornament!


To make things easier and quicker, I used my adhesive quilt basting spray to baste the mini quilt and attach the ornament pieces, all at the same time. Just slip the edge of the silver ornament cap underneath the ornament ball as you spray and attach. (I use 505 brand spray.) Combining these steps also means that your applique stitches will do double-duty as quilting stitches!


Appliqué the ornament pieces as desired (if you’re appliquéing after basting the quilt like I did, be sure to use your dual-feed or walking foot). I used raw-edge appliqué and straight-stitched around the edge of the pieces, 1/8″ from the raw edge. While using my Patchwork foot #97D foot on my B 770, I could use the line just to the left of the needle to keep my seam at 1/8″. (With raw-edge appliqué, you will get a bit of fraying around the edge, especially where you cut the circle on the bias. I don’t mind the look, especially for a mini-quilt which won’t be washed or heavily used, but you don’t want any fraying you may want to choose a different appliqué method.)


I quilted my ornament quilt with straight lines that followed the seams of the HSTs. In order to keep the lines straight past the edges of the round ornament, I marked one line in the middle, then used the guide bar on my dual-feed foot to quilt the remaining lines.

Like so.


And there you have it: A simple, fun little project that will add to your holiday decor this season.


Enjoy, and happy holidays!

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156 thoughts on “Holiday Ornament Mini Quilt

  1. Finishing the binding on a 12 Christmas Balls Ornament Wall hanging. I enjoyed doing the smaller mini quit. Thank you for the opportunity to be in the drawing.

    1. Yes! I have a snowman wall hanging I use every year as well as quilted stockings I made the first Christmas my husband and I shared 43 years ago, and Christmas placemats, too.

  2. I have several quilts that I have made for the holiday season. 2 1/2 quilts are machine embroidered quilts. I was working on the half-finished one yesterday when I ran out of thread, darn. I should have seen it coming. I also have an advent quilt that I made in a class several years ago. I love turning the blocks around everyday to see a cute design. I love this mini ornament quilt. I will definitely have to try this one. Thanks

  3. I have several wall hangings, table toppers, stockings and for this year I made a diamond log cabin star tree skirt. But not an actual quilt, maybe for next year….

  4. No, not a quilt. However, I have been happily engaged in making several table runners for the holiday season that will be machine quilted. I have been helping a single friend with stage IV kidney cancer since June (taking her to doctors appointments, chemo, hair and nail appointments, doing her grocery shopping, cleaning her house, etc., etc.) so I am not as far along on these projects as I would like to be. Having said that, I am thankful this holiday season for the opportunity I have been giving to serve others.

  5. The first quilted wall-hanging I made was a Christmas tree. I’d just had one lesson of a beginners’ quilting course and only knew hand piecing, so that’s what I did! The mini quilt measures about 18″ square and is all batik. I added a sprinkling of tiny dark green glass beads which catch the light beautifully. Each year I hang it in my hallway facing the front door.

  6. Last year I made a throw-sized snowman quilt. I displayed it on the wall, hanging from the rod in my living room (that has a different quilt displayed the rest of the year) and this year it is back up for the season.

  7. No, I don’t have any quilts made just for the holiday season, but I have done machine embroidery projects–a 3-D free-standing nativity, an advent calendar, and many many FSL decorations to give as gifts. I love Christmas, especially the Christmas Story of Jesus’ birth in Luke 2. Have a very merry Christmas!

  8. I made an advent calendar. The back is quilted and each day has a machine embroidered design with a pocket on the back. The attach to the backing via mini clothespins.

  9. I haven’t been quilting that long so I don’t have a Christmas quilt. I had hoped to make one this year (per my hubby’s request), but life got really busy the past three months. Maybe there’s time enough to make this cute little wall quilt before the holiday!


  10. I have one quilted and not bound, one pieced and not quilted and one in the works. The first two made it to the beds last year just to make the rooms pretty for Christmas Eve and Christmas. With good luck I’ll get the one bound this year!

  11. I have a lovely poinsettia quilt wall hanging, still waiting to be completed. It was a free pattern several years ago from Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine.

  12. I’ve been mad at work sewing a quilt for my mother in law. She lives with us and is always commenting on mine, so I thought the perfect gift for the woman who has everything she wants is one of her own.

  13. I have a quilt I made using a Hoffman fabric which had chickadees and cardinals in the print. I fussy cut the birds, and then made 9 patches to go in between the fussy cut squares. The quilt is so beautiful with the gold, black, red and green Christmas colors. I always love to see it on the back of my couch when December comes!

  14. I have a quilt that I love. It’s called anRibbon Quilt using fun Christmas fabrics. It’s the first auiltni finished after purchasing my Bernina. Love my machine.

  15. Yes I have a Christmas quilting project. Nancy Halvorson’s HoHoHos from several years ago. Still in progress. Small ornaments, great fabric line. Have yet to finish one. Love the book. This year.

  16. I made a Christmas alphabet sampler out of flannel about 12 years ago. I always enjoy taking it out along with my Christmas decorations. Like most quilters, I give almost everything I make away as gifts. I love having something I actually crafted, even if it’s just for a short time each year.

  17. I’ve been quilting for over 30 years and haven’t made a Christmas quilt yet, nor a tree skirt. I have table runners and fabric for more table runners. The mini Ornament quilt is a possibility for this year if I get going.

  18. I tend to make a new Christmas quilt every year, so I have quite a large amount of Christmas Quilts in various sizes. This year, I made a wallhanging size quilt with a gorgeous panel from Laurel Burch featuring a colorful peace dove.

  19. I made a king size quilt from Quiltmaker magazine’s Cardinal quilt pattern from the 90’s. That was back when I was still making cardboard templates and tracing and cutting out. It is machine pieced and hand quilted. The quilt goes on my bed every Christmas season.

  20. I’m a new quilter, so I don’t have a special quilt for the holidays but I hope to have one by next year. I don’t usually care for modern designs but I love this mini ornament quilt! Thank you!!

  21. I have a (what I consider) beautiful log cabin quilt that was a BOM from my LQS…turned out lovely, and I have added various Christmas button to make it even sweeter!

  22. I do have a Christmas quilt made several years ago–it was patterned as a scrap quilt, but at the time I didn’t have many Christmas fabrics so I bought small amount of lots of different patterns!

  23. I don’t have a Christmas quilt yet. I’m newer to quilting and haven’t ventured into things just for fun yet. Hopefully, I’ll get something Christmasy done by the end of next year. The mini ball quilt is so adorable! Maybe I’ll start small!

  24. I have not made myself a Christmas quilt yet.
    I have made some pillow covers for myself and embroidered them with holiday images.
    Seems like I am always making things for other people!

  25. I’ve made several including one I just finished based on a block of the month by Sindy Rodenmayer of FatCat Patterns. It’s called Christmas Row x Row.

  26. I don’t have a special quilt made just for the holiday season, but I would like to make the Holiday Ornament Mini Quilt you posted here. The colors are beautiful and the shape is classic.

  27. It is a quilt for the tree, a tree skirt. I made it years ago before I knew what a seam allowance was so it is very imperfect and yet perfect because it reminds me how far I have come and reminds me to let go of perfection. Merry christmas!

  28. Fun tutorial!!
    My special Christmas quilt is a Judy Niemeyer quilt done in reds and greens. I’m going to hunt up those leftovers to do your ornament.

  29. I do not have a Christmas quilt but have several Christmas table runners. My project this year is a quilted Christmas tree skirt for my grandson (almost done).

  30. I have a Christmas Tree Log Cabin quilt I made decades ago, when Eleanor Buirns was first getting started with quilting. I attended her class, and got to sew along side Eleanor, it was loads of fun, and that quilt has gone up every year since making it!

  31. Well, I have the top finished but it is not quilted yet. (sigh) So, I guess it is not a quilt yet – but in the works! Merry Christmas! and thank you for the tutorial and fun!

  32. Made a bunch of Christmas mug rugs for a charity stocking programme. And stuffies for my niece and nephew. A Christmas quilt would be fantastic and I quite like this wall hanging! (on a side note, I love the quilt on the cover of this book!)

  33. Little Ornament Quilt is so cute, I think I will make one of these and use them to go with the Christmas cookies I hand out to the neighbors. My favorite Christmas quilt was one that I made last year, it was by Jodi Barrows, out of the book “Square n Square”. It taught me a new way of piecing and came together quite nicely. Unfortunately it is packed away right now due to painting.

  34. Yes, a few years ago I made a bargello in the round christmas themed table topper. I had a lot of fun making it.
    This year I have not been able to make anything for two reasons. One is I had a knee replacement done a few months ago and am still on the mend.
    Merry Christmas every one.

  35. I do not but would love to do a small quilt to toss on the my bed for accent as I usually change the bed linens attire just for Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway.

  36. This is such an adorable project! Thank you Lee, for designing it. I made three of them, though I took some liberties to change it up. My HSTs are 1-3/4″ finished, so I made fewer of them to make an 11″ diameter circle. I added a hand-embroidered (chainstitch) “wire” to the top of the cap. My wall hangings ended up 15″ X 18″, and I like every one of them. They’ll be gifts in 2017!

  37. I love Norman Rockwell-my sister bought a Christmas panel & quilted a very nice size wall hanging, which I put up every Christmas! Thank you, Sussan

  38. I love how you post all these wonderful projects. I’m not the smartest computer person in the world. Is there an easy way to print the instructions? It would be nice to have that option.

  39. It took me a while to gather the wonderful fabrics for a Nativity reverse applique small quilt that I did for my Sister-in Law. I love seeing it hang on their balcony railing at Christmas time.

  40. I have a Christmas Quilt I made a few years ago, I was a pattern from the Bernina Store and used my embroidery attachment as well as my Bernina sewing machine. I still like it.

  41. I do have several pieces done for the Holidays. Wall hangings, Door hangings and throws. I do love Xmas. Being that Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner, I now realize I need more Fall pieces.
    I am going to do the Ornament and get yet another for Xmas.

  42. I have mug rugs, table runners and wall hanging Christmas quilts. I am working on two quilts for Christmas. One is a tree the second is boxes that look like packages.

  43. I have two quilts that are special for Christmas. The oldest is a Christmas panel with gingerbread men that I hand quilted and embellished nearly thirty years ago, and the second is a needle-turned appliqué quilt featuring a snowman representing each month of the year. December has the snowman dressed as Santa.

  44. About 15 years ago I made a quilted wall hanging kit with a fusible appliqued black silhouette of a reindeer in front of a large green moon. It was one of my first applique quilts, and I was very pleased with how it came out. I’ve made several pieced table runners and place mats. I have 2 paper pieced quilts in construction and it would be GREAT if I got them done before Christmas. (-:

  45. I have a Christmas quilt but not one I made. I make and quilt Christmas tree skirts for extra large trees.
    The skirts that are special, are the ones I have made for our daughters and for our home.

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