Blossoms Quilt Sampler with Rulerwork

Hello everyone!

I’m BERNINA Expert Amanda Murphy and I MISS SEEING YOUR FACES at dealerships I’d usually be traveling to across the country and world! It has been nice connecting and quilting with so many of you on my Facebook Lives in my Facebook Group and on my Facebook Page but I still miss visiting in person.

Scroll down for a giveway at the end of this tutorial.

I’m excited to announce that BERNINA and I cooked up a special little rulerwork project for you guys so that we can quilt together. Some of you might remember my BERNINA Rulerwork Sampler that I designed a few years ago for the BERNINA ruler sets. Well, since that time I’ve done the Jubilee ruler set for BERNINA and a bunch of different Good Measure ruler sets for Brewer Sewing. They’ve been really popular due to their markings and non-skid backings, so I’ll be showing you how I use them, but you can also quilt with the original BERNINA sets if you’d prefer.  I thought we’d piece a simple quilt top and learn to combine some different shapes of rulers this time, while make the quilting the “star” of the piece. The BERNINA Blossom Sampler is sort of a Rulerwork 2.0.

BERNINA Blossoms Quilt with Rulerwork

The BERNINA Blossoms Sampler

Are you with me? I sure hope so because, as I said, I miss quilting with all of you!

Because the format of this 34-1/2” x 34-1/2” is so simple (the blocks are 12” squares finished), you have lots of options to make it uniquely yours. You can quilt just one block and finish it as a pillow, or you can add blocks and quilt each differently (or each the same) to make a larger quilt.

BERNINA Blossoms Quilt block with Rulerwork

A block from the BERNINA Blossoms Sampler

You can download a PDF with a materials list and piecing instructions here but to complete the quilting of this piece you will definitely need the following:

Download BERNINA Blossoms Sampler Part 1

  • A BERNINA #72 Adjustable Ruler Foot (a #96 foot will also work if you are quilting on a Q Series)
  • A straight line quilting ruler, like my Every Angle Ruler or the BERNINA straight ruler
  • An assortment of circle, oval, and curved rulers. I used a variety of rulers from Every Circle, Curve, and Oval sets to quilt the blocks as shown. If you don’t have a wide selection of rulers you can just use what you have and quilt the same motif in every block. Personally I think you can NEVER go wrong with circle and curves, as they are the foundation of so many designs. And then Ovals are just fun! If your designs are a little smaller due to the size of rulers you have on hand (such as those in the BERNINA sit-down set) you can quilt slightly smaller motifs and free-motion around them to fill up the space. It will still be beautiful. You can also take inspiration from the designs I’ve quilted here and create a motif that is completely unique to you!
  • BERNINA Echo Clips (these are optional and were used to echo around some of the blossoms)

Good Measure Rulers and BERNINA Echo Clips used in the Blossoms Sampler

My Good Measure Rulers and the BERNINA Echo Clips I used in my version of the sampler

If you are quilting on a domestic I highly recommend either a cabinet or a flat table to make it easier to move the ruler over the fabric. I quilted the example on my 125th Anniversary 790 Plus, so you can really see how to handle rulers on a domestic machine.

BERNINA 790 Plus for Rulerwork Quilting

How I set up my BERNINA 790 Plus for rulerwork quilting

Ok so this month is easy because it is all about choosing fabrics and piecing the top. Which is fun, right? I use my First Frost line for Contempo of Benartex Fabrics. If you love this line I would love it if you asked your local shops to order it. You can find a list of some shops that are carrying it here.

First Frost, Contempo line of Benartex

First Frost, my line for Contempo for of Benartex

One thing you might note from the PDF piecing directions. I pressed all of my seams open on the sampler. This is usually what I prefer in situations where I don’t have seams that “lock” in a piece. I do that because the quilter in me likes having the option of quilting right “along-the-ditch” on either side of the seam. I like to keep my options open as long as I can! So, with the exception for when seams can be “locked” (pressed in opposite directions to ensure perfect alignment.) I like to press them open. Please feel free to do whatever works best for you.

Ready to talk quilting thread so you can shop for that too?

I am a huge fan of Aurifil cotton thread and I piece and quilt with it a lot. I use their 50 wt. most often for both piecing and quilting, but I was living on the edge with this piece and went for a contrasting 28 wt. thread for the actual rulerwork blossoms, and then I added texture with a 50 wt. white Aurifil in the background. I thought the contrasting threads would be easier to see on camera; I’ve gotten to a point in my quilting that I have accepted things won’t be perfect and I am okay with my mistakes and I am also okay with you guys seeing my mistakes. I hope you will be too. If, however, you cannot deal with seeing YOUR mistakes you might want to use the white thread for both the rulerwork and the free-motion. I can assure you that others will not notice your mistakes, but you have to do what makes you happy.

I’m not going to lie – using a heavy thread that also contrasts with the background draws one’s attention  BUT PEOPLE, there is nothing quite like an international pandemic to put our quilting problems into perspective, so if you feel reasonably comfortable with rulers I’d say go for at least a tiny bit of contrast, if not the thick thread! (How about going for a very light grey on white—that would be pretty!) Or at least try it on a practice sandwich just to have a new experience!

One lucky WeAllSew reader will have the Chance to win win a copy of all my First Frost patterns, including Woodland Sampler

The giveaway is now closed, thanks to our WeAllSew fans who entered. Congratulations to the winner, WeAllSew fan @grammaof3!

First Frost patterns

Before I wrap up let’s have a giveaway. I’ll be spending a lot of time on in the future and I want to hear from you what types of motifs you’d like me to cover in terms of rulerwork. Comment below for a chance to win a copy of all my First Frost patterns, including Woodland Sampler.

All you have to do is post a comment below and answer the question:

“What types of rulerwork motifs would you like to learn?”

The the giveaway is open through Friday, August 7th.

The giveaway is open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the blog by Friday, August 7, 2020 at 11:59 PM Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to contact to claim the prize.

Good luck!

I’ll meet you back here in two weeks with your finished BERNINA Blossoms top so we can start quilting!


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282 comments on “Blossoms Quilt Sampler with Rulerwork”

  • “What types of rulerwork motifs would you like to learn?”
    Hi, I am just learning to use the rulers, so any basic designs are always helpful. I have learned so much from your “Thankful Thursdays”
    Thank You!

    • I agree, any motif would be great. I really enjoy the ‘how to’ videos, very helpful and I have lots to learn. Thank you for being so generous.

    • I have not done very well with my BSR on my B880. I have found that I have good/great result using my rulers. I started with straight line rule just to get the “feel” of moving fabric and ruler together. Then I expanded to the gentle curve rulers. My results have been very good (yes, I do have “boo-boos”, but unless they are really horrible, I do not take them out. No one sees it – we are always most aware of our own mistakes. Good Luck with ruler quilting.

  • Expanding use of ovals and circles to create simple, but complex looking motifs. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skill with all of us.

  • Amanda Murphy, you are one of the most generous people I have met during this pandemic! Thanks for sharing your knowledge on Thankful Thursdays, and for creating this great sampler so we can practice the techniques you have shared. I’m looking forward to meeting you one day when then pandemic is over!

  • Love your Thankful Thursday’s Amanda! I would be interested in interlocking circle motifs and how to use the markings on the rulers.
    Thank you!

  • I would like to learn about any type of rulerwork you enjoy using in your designs. I have a Bernina Q24 and an 880 so machine quilt on both and am always looking for creative design ideas.

  • I would like to see designs to use for borders and sashings. What an excellent idea to have a sew along about creating motifs! I am anxious to get started. Thanks!

    • I would also especially like to see border designs, including waves for feathers, and sashing ideas. I love your videos and FB page.Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  • Would love to learn how to use rulers for baptist fan motifs? Have been watching your facebook videos and you are so inspiring! can’t wait to start this, my first rulerwork sew long with you:)

  • I’m so excited to get some practice. Every motif you do is a learning experience. Perhaps something like a mariners compass.

    Thank you so much for the time you take to do this.

    • I am working on ruler work as much as possible and I have found I am geometrically challenged !! your motifs are very good and I wish I had the imagination to create but as long as you are creating then I will learn anything you put out. thank you

  • Although your sampler doesn’t show cross-hatching, I would like to know how to stitch cross-hatching in the background of an applique piece or other design.

    I love your Thankful Thursday videos and have been watching them with anticipation every week.

    Thank you for all the knowledge you share with us every week!

  • it’s hard to describe but I would like to learn more about balancing designs with in a quilt so as not to under quilt one area and over quilt another. If I use circles in the body of the quilt should I go for some straight lines on the boarder? When is enough too much? I’m sure that depends on the quilt.

  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge and talents! I would love to learn more serpentine and circles, including the ability to interlock to create even more designs

  • Amanda, I have always been very unsure of finishing my tops. I have even lost interest in sewing because I have all these tops but didn’t know how to finish. Until I watched you work rulers. It has changed everything. Thank you so much for doing Thursday’s. I would like to see how you use the circle rulers to build on each other. Heartfelt thanks!

  • Amanda you are so generous! thank you for thankful Thursdays!
    I would love to learn how to make flower motifs and swirls and leaves.
    Any of the suggestions from the others all sound great 🙂

  • I love the geometric shapes with echos. I am guilty of the everything needs to be perfect. Trying to get out of that now. Love your tutorials!

  • Thank you Amanda. I hope to be quilting along with you. I am very new to long arm quilting so interested in learning quilting with rulers of any style. Alas, I am in Australia so can’t be in the draw. Now to piecing the sampler.

  • I have used your every curve rulers for the quilt I am making for my Granddaughter. I am getting comfortable using the rulers and am excited to keep improving. Thank you for your excellent instruction and teaching me to just “go for it”.

  • “What types of rulerwork motifs would you like to learn?”

    I would like to learn more about borders and sashing designs, especially how to continue a design around a corner. Ropes, Vines, etc.

  • I just got your straight ruler and your line ruler and have the curve ruler ordered. I just watched your Thankful Thursday with making the cathedral windows with the oval ruler set. I want to try that with my Bernina set. I would like to learn to do the flowers and multiple things I can do with my curved rulers when it comes in. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the straight ruler so far and your books are also great. (I have all of them too.) Eventually I will be getting your ovals and your circles and probably everything else you put out there. Your rulers do not disappoint, for sure!!! I just printed your other sampler so I could work on it as practice… and will print this one off too. Thank you for helping all of us learn all the wonderful looks we can get with rulers…

  • I would like to learn a variety of designs that can be made using your every angle ruler. I love your rulers and your Thankful Thursdays. Can’t wait for their return & to get started on this sampler!

  • I just bought my new, first Bernina. I’m excited to learn about FMQ. It’s all new to me. I’ve only done hand quilting on my tops and stitch in the ditch using my old singer. Time to teach this old dog new tricks! Bring it on!

  • Thank you for all your lessons! It makes me thankful for Thursdays! I would love to see more designs focused on sashing. Just how to fill that small space and layout of designs in general. How to draw interest to the piecing with your choice of quilt designs.

  • I am thrilled to see the Sew Along on We All Sew! Thank you for sharing your expertise with passion and generosity. Love Thankful Thursdays! There is so much that I want to learn with ruler work, so any motif you teach is a benefit for me. In your explanation you offered a list of shops that carry your First Frost line of fabric, but there was not access to ‘here’ to find the list.
    Blessings and thank you!

  • I am new to working with rulers and discovered your Thursday tutorials and they are so exciting. I think I am ready for the challenge on the blossom quilt challenge quilt!

  • I’m looking forward to this project as I did your original Bernina rulerwork sampler and it was so much fun. The rulerwork motifs I’d like to learn are any design that will fit in borders.Thanks for doing this project.

  • Hi Amanda! I sewed your last ruler work sampler and really enjoyed learning the techniques, so I’m looking forward to sewing this sampler with you. Circles….I really need help with circles….maybe it’s the way I hold the ruler while stitching, but my circles look like moon rocks! Linda from Maine

  • I would like to learn feathers, how to turn corners on borders and what the markings on the rulers mean….. l enjoy your Thursday sessions and have learned a lot.

  • Love your Thankful Thursday’s, look forward to each one. Thanks for your tips and technics. I am just beginning to do ruler work, needs lots of practice.

  • I want to learn it all! I don’t know the names of the designs but the floral ones are beautiful. How about some scallops and shell type or Art Deco motifs. Thanks!

  • I’d like to learn how to figure out the correct proportions or size designs to use in odd shaped spaces or very large or small blocks.

  • Amanda, Thank you for your Thankful Thursday videos. Working with the outside of the rulers like the circles … I am one of those that go out to never never land… I do need to practice with your videos playing!

  • I’m new to ruler work so I’d love to learn everything. However since that won’t happen I would like to learn some designs that will get me past the stippling I’m doing.

    Thanks for providing this quilt along. I’m anxious to get started.

  • Amanda, your blossom quilt is just lovely! And I think a project like this is just the thing to whet my quilting desires and get me started back to ruler quilting. I have many of your rulers! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

  • One of the best things happened in the difficult times is your Thankful Thursday live. Thank you.
    I would like to know how to quilt cross-hatching with minimal markings with rulers.
    Thank you.

  • I would like tips on different border and sashing treatment. Thanks for your Thankful Thursdays! I have learned so much and am re-trying ruler work again.

  • I’m so new at this and excited at the prospect of learning something new and putting this new knowledge to use (turning UFOs into completed projects). Baby steps please – basic shapes and techniques to begin!

  • I would to learn how to combine rulers to make large motifs to fill a space or interlock to add a design element down a border or the center of a quilt.

  • Rulerwork motifs that are more mixed, intertwining groups of circles, some triagular shapes with circles or elipses too, snowflakes, something that covers more of the block in addition to a motif – maybe I should say a filled block. This is better – a block with a decorative edge trim and a center motif. Thank you! Love that Skyscraper Pattern.

  • Looking forward to learning more about your rulerwork quilting! Have used your circles,
    ovals and recently purchased the ribbon candy. ❤❤❤ your rulers!

  • Hi, I am new to quilting with rulers. I just received the straight every angle ruler and the circle rulers. Looking forward to learning how to use them in my next couple projects. Thank you for all the resources you have provided.
    I am mostly looking forward to learning flower and geometric motifs.

  • I would like to learn how to make motifs using rulers that require very few thread breaks. I always seem to be tying and burying a lot of thread ends. Also, what are some tips for managing the weight of a larger quilt on a domestic machine AND keeping the stitches regulated using rulers on larger quilts? I have really enjoyed your “Thankful Thursdays.”

  • I was out on We All Sew seeing what fun was here and found this. I fell in love immediately and bought the supplies right away! Thanks, Amanda! I’ve learned so much from you during the pandemic.

  • I’ve had my rulers since they were first introduced and have never used them. I’m looking forward to doing this quilt along and learning, learning, learning!

  • Amanda I am interested in learning how to quilt designs using just two rulers, the Bernini anniversary ruler set. Maybe other quilters are like myself and do not have all of your “Every” sets. Since you’re still selling the anniversary set, I am hoping you would agree they are still useful. Your new rulers are on my wish list. Thank you for your generous gift of teaching during the pandemic. I’ll be following along with the Blossom sampler as best I can.

  • Since I am still very much a beginner and love learning new things, I would appreciate anything but especially basics. I plan to go back and find the Bernina Rulerwork Sampler to do first! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. With so few live classes available, I really appreciate the efforts being made to share things virtually!

  • I would like to learn how to do ruler work on vertical rows on a long arm. Do you turn your quilt on a long arm and then do them horizontally?

  • I am interested in patterns that use the basic rulers we are using in this exercise, especially borders and feathers without the feathers rulers. I enjoyed your Rulerwork 1.0 and am looking forward to honing my skills with Rulerwork 2.0.

  • I would be interested in any type of ruler work instruction, as I have not done this yet but want to learn. I have a couple quilt tops done and need to go on to the next step of quilting them. Thanks

  • Amanda, I would like to know if you use your rulers to provide background filler on blocks/borders. Thanks love your Thankful Thursdays.

  • Your quilting designs are so beautiful! Will I also be able to use my Bernina ruler sets? I would like to learn your new techniques continuously. And, I hope I win!

  • I’ve just discovered quilting rulers in the last few weeks, and love it! I really like that design with the 4 circles in the middle. Can’t wait to see this sampler come together!

  • Edge to edge using a combination of rulers and a simple fmging motif would be great to learn. Thanks for all you do to educate the quilting community.

  • I I’m looking forward to starting. I couldn’t order the exact same fabric – live in Denmark – but ordered something else Bernatex. The most important thing for me is to learn.

  • I love ruler work. What I would like to see are some designs that would be (more) appropriate for quilts for men. A lot of the ruler work I have done has a “floral” feel to the designs. But now I’m make a quilt for my SIL and need ideas. (I have both a Q20 on a table and a Q24 on a frame, so am open to ALL ideas!) Thank you!!

  • I’ve so enjoyed your weekly lessons this summer, it really does help w/the Coronavirus Isolation I have been experiencing.
    I would enjoy keeping with the circles/curves and taking it a bit further to explore more of the possibilities. Thank you again Amanda’s for reaching out to us during this difficult time and patiently guiding us though your processes. You are a delightful instructor, I hope to meet you sometime in the future at my Berninia dealer. (Columbus, Ohio).

  • Would love to learn how to ruler work designs in triangle blocks and odd geometric blocks.
    Looking for large or airy designs not dense work. Thank you

  • I would like to randomly quilt small ,meduim, and large circles on a quilt using your circle rulers. How can I do this as one continuous line? I don’t want to quilt all one size then come back and do the other sizes? Can you show me how to do that please? I am using a sit-down q20. Thank you.

  • Amanda, I was so excited about working on this and getting more practice with my new Bernina rulers, the bonus was getting to the end of your write up and having the opportunity of winning an additional book on ruler works! It was disappointing to read it is only open to Americans!

  • I love using rulers but I struggle to figure out how to use the to incorporate with my fmq. Would be great to see how rulers can be used to enhance a basic nine patch block and other basic blocks.

  • thank you for this series! I would like to learn how to do crosshatching. In many ways, i.e. around applique, narrow and wide, diamond and square.
    Thank you and looking forward to more learning!

  • I have a hard time deciding what motif to use for different blocks. I have taken one of your ruler works class, have the rulers, and feel comfortable using them. I just feel like I get “in a rut” sometimes.

  • I enjoy all your tutorials. I have a Q-24 and need a lot of practice with all rulers. I either hold the rulers too tight or the machine drifts away from the ruler. Practice I know is the key and this sampler looks like a good motivational one. Thanks for sharing your time!

  • I am pretty new to quilting with rulers but I have nowhere to go except up. Anything I can learn at this point would be wonderful. Love to watch your Thankful Thursdays. You are a good teacher.

  • This is exciting because all I know how to quilt on my machine is straight or curvy lines! I’d like to learn how to do ruler work flowers and dragon fly’s if that’s possible. Thank you.

  • I am pretty comfortable using rulers and I love to use rulers! I want to see more motifs using the rulers. I like the sampler motifs, so more of those.

  • What I need is everything, I am so new at ruler work that I am ready to learn what ever you are teaching. I started to begin using my rulers and my life got in the way. Family sickness and no time to sew but I am ready to go forward.

  • I would love to see multiple designs that could be made with each of your rulers (all of which I have now purchased). I would particularly like to see complex designs that require two or more rulers to create. And I join with those here who thank you so much for your “Thankful Thursdays.” I look forward to seeing you again, virtually, following Bernina University. (And I look forward to seeing what you are doing for BU.)

  • Love all your teachings. I would like you to take o e ruler for example a circle and show how to do multiple different designs with the same ruler. Thanks

  • I really like the look of the geometric designs like you have shown for the sampler but any other designs that use the templates repeated and spiraled for such pretty effects.

  • Amanda, I sooo admire your many talents and your willingness to acquaint and/or educate us on ruler work. The new project (just lovely) is another example of your generosity. I am thankful for YOU every Thursday and every time I sit down to practice. You’ve made this lock down time bearable by inspiring us to try new skills. I look forward to a time when I might meet you in one of your classes!

  • I have enjoyed watching the Thankful Thursday lessons and have put your tips to good use – especially the tip about quilting the bones of the quilt first. I would appreciate help on any and all rulers !

  • Anything you teach about rulers will be great as I have not tried it yet but have gotten a few rulers along with the foot for my machine. I think I would be very interested in how you hold the ruler when making curves and circles and how you keep it and your hands from slipping. Thanks for doing this series!

  • “What types of rulerwork motifs would you like to learn?”
    I’m very much a novice with rulerwork, I would like you to go thru some of the very basic. I always seem to have problems with thread breaking and proper coordination with holding the ruler and moving the quilt sandwich at the same time. I have a B770 which I LOVE, but I still am having trouble.

  • I would like to see ruler work for sashings and borders. I tend to use my old “go to” and would like something new and interesting. Thanks!!

  • Exciting project! i am enjoying learning more about free motion and ruler work.

    I would love to see a holly and berries pattern for both corners and border work. I have a small project with a hand painted Santa in the centerblock that is just waiting for me to gain more skill.

  • I have learned so much from you in the last few months. Also some much more about my Bernina 790, WOW,
    I have been very interested in Ruler quilting but unsure of where and how to start. I’ve doodled a little. I now have two tops ready to start with. Something with a wave design and the other would be working with blocks. Thank you for your knowledge, I enjoy learning from you. Thank you

  • I love the look of curved crosshatching but can’t quite get the hang of it. I have every curve set but just not looking good. Also use of ruler in border and sashing. Thanks.

  • I lived out of the country 30 years and returned to the states 2 years ago.The last quilt I made was 1998. I’ve never heard of these circle rulers. I guess I’m a beginner with my Brother sewing machine gone and a new 435 BERNINA. I feel like I bought a Mercedes and now I have to take driving lessons before I can drive it!!

  • As a beginner, plain and simple flowers are what I would like to see…plus how to line it all up in the beginning so that it all is on quadrants and not cockeyed at the end.

  • I have a quilt top that is made of eight wedges. Each wedge is made up of 3 in slices. In the middle is an eight sided 18 inch blank to be quilted but I plan to use rulerwork on all of it. I would love suggestions and will follow this class as well as yours on Facebook.Nancy Minshew

  • I have not tried ruler work yet. I have a few rulers but need to purchase the #72 foot. Have been itching to try it out. I would like to see how to make scallops and wave motifs and also circles. Thanks!

  • I am so excited! I just purchased the ruler foot and all the attachments for it, along with one of your rulers, the clam shell. I really want to learn to use it and have seen some of your Thurs. tutorials on FB. You make it look so easy, I can’t wait to get started. .

  • Thanks, Amanda – this looks like a great project. I am fairly comfortable with straight ruler work but would love to pick up some skill with curvy rulers.

  • Love the blossom pattern! I’m not comfortable with rulers yet but I’m interested in the technique. Would like ideas on how to quilt a log cabin using rulers.

  • Thank you for doing this! I have recently received some basic rulers and am willing to learn whatever you’re willing to teach! I have a bernette Chicago 7.

  • I just purchased my 790 and brand new to ruler work. I am so excited for to follow and learn from you! I would love to have more experience with curves in ruler work. Also how to compensate when things aren’t going quite right in the design. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us!

  • I just bought my first Bernina (770 QE) 3 days ago. I did purchase the ruler foot with the machine with the hopes of doing lots of ruler work on it. I have a couple of Angela Walters rulers that I already owned. I am open to learning all new ruler quilting skills and motifs – particularly lotuses a stars. Thanks!

  • I miss your in person classes, too! I would love to see ruler work quilt design ideas for masculine designs suitable for quilts for adult males.

  • Thank you for the giveaway, Amanda. It is very generous of you and we appreciate it.
    I love flowers and scrolls in quilting my tops so would be interested in multi-sized florals and also scrolls so I can use them in various places on the quilt. Also, how to resize myself. Thank you! Linda Morgan

  • Thank you for all the facebook live videos. I enjoy learning all your tips about free motion quilting. Can’t wait to watch your new tutorials on ruler work.

  • I am looking forward to an online demonstration this Saturday through my local dealership. I would like to learn more designs that could be used as borders.

  • Hi Amanda. Thank you for all your hard work during the pandemic to keep us challenged. The Thankful Thursdays were terrific because they no only taught us new things, it gave us the weekend to practice. Shipments of your rulers have been arriving in timely fashion to keep us challenged. I have completed two quilt tops. The first has the clam shell (large) in the 6 quadrants, and bubbles (circles 2″) around the inner border. The second was completed by outlining the star blocks and then doing spiral sprays in the other blocks. I have to challenge myself to continue to push beyond my comfort zone, so this tutorial will be great for the blossoms. I have grown confident in the use of the rulers, but must keep reminding myself to watch the ruler path and not the needle. Thanks for all your support and excitement this year. Debbie

  • I thoroughly enjoyed doing the rulerwork sampler! Your style of teaching is wonderful. I still lack the confidence to insert what I learned into a quilt. I definitely need more practice so I will enjoy doing this sampler! Thanks for sharing your expertise!

  • I’ve hand quilted for years and my preference in thread color is a pale blue or pale gray. Both accent the quilting better than using white and few people can even tell the threads aren’t white, just that the quilting is beautiful.
    I’ve decided it’s time to learn to quilt on my machine so I’m looking forward to your series on ruler work.

  • “What types of rulerwork motifs would you like to learn?”

    I’d like to learn designs with circle rulers. And how to create interlocking designs. Thank you so much for doing the “Thankful Thursday” sessions! It’s so helpful watching you demonstrate how to use the rulers.

  • I’d like ideas for sashings or border designs that don’t require math to fit from end to end. My confidence went up after watching your videos. Yesterday I made my first freehand feather wreaths! Thank you.

  • First Frost is pretty. Be glad when the stores can restock!
    Borders, please Ma’am,anything but cables and variations.
    Appreciate your time, talent and efforts –

  • I have learned so much from your Thursday Facebook meetings.
    I’d love to follow your WeAllSew ruler work quilt. I’ll be getting ready for part II.
    Thanks Amanda for all you do, especially through these pandemic times!

  • I have a really mixed up collection of rulers, so would probably need to substitute one of mine for whatever you choose to demo, but I’m happy with that.

  • I need to learn the basics of ruler work. I bought the foot for my 780 machine, but have not had much luck with ruler. Practice practice is the answer. Now I have sew steady table which is suppose to make it easier. Here is hoping.

  • Hello Amanda, I am new to quilting and to and to rulers. I am enjoying watching the videos and want to learn more about this art to quilting. So any type of motifis are greatly appreciated and want to learn more. Thank you.

  • My biggest challenge with ruler work is moving the rulers and the fabric while maintaining a steady even pace. A small piece is doable but a full size quilt offers more challenges. Straight lines are simpler, but curves are difficult. HELP!

  • Have taken a couple of classes but have felt intimidated by ruler work. Now I have the foot and a few rulers and I’m ready to learn and get a handle on this! Thank you in advance!

  • Thanks Amanda for your thankful Thursday’s. This sew along is a perfect pairing to those thursday postings. Practice is the key. Looking forward to starting.

  • I enjoyed the videos on using the feather rulers and would like to see more designs with the curved motifs. I am rather new to rulerwork and am enjoying learning to incorporate more rulerwork in my quilting.

  • Love your rulers and videos Amanda! I would like to learn smaller rulerwork designs for applique backgrounds – small interlocking circles, wiggled squares, anything like that. Small crosshatch too. I like the idea of ruler work because the marking of the quilt can be minimal. Thanks!

  • My husband bought the Bernina rulers for me for Christmas and I’ve been gradually learning how to use them. They give my quilting a much more professional look and are fun to use. I’ll be doing more quilting with the Bernina rulers!

  • I haven’t tried sewing with rulers yet, so I’d be interested in a beginners lesson, where do I start? Are straight line rulers easier to work with than circles?

  • I’m still a newbie with rulers. Your style of teaching is wonderful. I still lack the confidence to insert what I learned into a quilt. I definitely need more practice.Thanks for sharing your expertise!

  • Sweet projet! I am new to all this including my machine! I would love to see how to use rulers to quilt my quilt simply. If that is even something people do .:)

  • I enjoy seeing any motif you demonstrate. I’d especially like to see ones suitable for borders or sashings, including corners. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  • Hi Amanda, Learning so much from your Thankful Thursdays. Would love to explore some ways to incorporate “Waves” with other designs. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent with us. Looking forward to making this sampler, finally got my large Sew Steady table to work on. Yay!

  • I’m new to free motion and ruler work quilting. I’m excited to learn how to use any of them. I’d really like to develop skills so I can eventually do feathers.

  • I love doing ruler work and would like to learn how to use different types of rulers in combination to form designs. I love the uniformity that rulers create and tend to rely on them more and do freehand designs less.

  • I have learned by trial and error,. I was fortune to attend your sessions in SLC last fall, and I learned sooo much, now I’m grateful for thankful Thursdays to refresh and re-learn. Just ordered more rulers and your ruler book.
    So more trial and error. Thanks for all the tips and help, still trying to learn my Tula pink too, what a learning curve, LOL!

  • After watching your Thursday video using the feather ruler for a wreath, you inspired me to make a totally free-motion feather wreath. I drew a circle for the center vein and the wreaths turned out really great. Thank you!! I combine rulers with free motion.

  • I am enjoying your Thursday tutorials. Have tried ruler quilting in the past with poor results, but hope this time I will be braver. The speed is what doesn’t work so far. I just need to practice more. Thanks.

  • My comment didn’t post. I had commented that after my ruler work class 2 years ago , my rulers are sitting on the shelf. I used a Bernina domestic machine. Maybe after viewing your video, I will give it another try.

  • I am a newbie at ruler work, but have the most trouble with circles and feathers. Would love to learn more about these and everything else for that matter. Thank you.

  • I am new to ruler work on my domestic machine. While I hope to jump to the Q16, I feel the need to ‘give it a go’ on my current machine first. I would like to learn more about round and oval designs!

  • Wow! I just love the fabric line and have created for the quilt you have demonstrated the ruler work on. I particularly love the white fabric the 12″ square are made of. It reminds me of icing on a cake, so pretty. I’m looking forward to trying the techniques you will show us in the last part of this quilt.

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