CANDY STAR Quilt Along, Part 3: Make 4 Blocks and Cornerstones

Hi, I’m Satomi from Satomi Quilts and welcome to CANDY STAR Quilt Along, Part 3! How is your process going so far? This week we continue making the rest of the blocks and all cornerstones for the sashing.

Make Four Blocks

Continue the process and make 4 blocks. Are you getting used to the No-Waste Four at a Time Flying Geese method? It might take some time if you’ve never done it before but since you had to do it 9 times to make the sawtooth star units, I think you are getting pretty good at this method!

Meanwhile, I shared some tips in a previous post so check them out if you would like.

Candy Star QAL

Make the Cornerstone

Select 16 pieces from the cut squares G (you will have 2 unused squares) and make the Cornerstones for the sashing. This is one of my favorite things to add. I just love seeing them floating around the Candy Star blocks.

I didn’t mention this in my pattern, but this method is called Corner Square Triangle (or Easy Corner Triangle). It’s very useful, especially for beginners. Actually, there are other ways to make these units but this one has no biased stretchy situation involved so you can make nice diamond squares. And I like this method when I make smaller blocks.

Corner stone

Now you have made all the Candy Star blocks and the cornerstones!

CANDY STAR Quilt Along Schedule

Candy Star QAL

Next week will be Part 4 and we are assembling the quilt top. If you joined late, don’t worry! You still have time to catch up.

Happy quilting!

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