Finding Inspiration

Where do you go to be inspired for sewing projects? All of us make projects that include step-by-step instructions and fabric kits, but personally, the projects that give me the most satisfaction and reward are the ones that I create on my own.

Project inspiration can be found when you least expect it … a pattern in a carpet, the coloring of a leaf, the style of a drapery, and the list can go on and on. The availability of a camera on a smart-phone or one small enough to fit in a purse is ideal for capturing an idea for a future project. I have been known to take a picture of an unusual garment or embellishment seen on TV. That’s correct — a picture of the TV screen! Imagine the look on my face months after taking that picture as I try to remember WHY I took a snapshot of my TV.

So, get those cameras out and be ready to be inspired. We would love to see those inspirational pieces and hear from you as well.

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