Gypsy Queen Patchwork Pillow

Pat Bravo Decorative Pillow BERNINA

While organizing my sewing room a couple of weeks ago, I came across some Artisan Fabrics that I had laying around, and of course I had to come up with a new project for it. So I decided to create this bohemian Gypsy Queen Pillow Case, which also has a bit of The Denim Studio by AGF. Have fun creating this artsy piece of  home décor with some amazing decorative stitches!

Materials to sew the Gypsy Queen Pillow Case:

Cutting Instructions:

  • Cut 2 (two) 1″ by 10″ of  FABRIC A
  • Cut 2 (two) 1″ by 10″ of  FABRIC B
  • Cut 2 (two) 1″ by 10″ of  FABRIC C
  • Cut 2 (two) 1″ by 10″ of  FABRIC D
  • Cut 2 (two) 1″ by 10″ of  FABRIC E
  • Cut 2 (two) 9″ by 10″ of  FABRIC F
  • Cut 2 (two) 9″ by 15″ of  FABRIC F
  • 6″ by 10″ of batting
  • Cut 2 (two) 9″ by 10″ of batting

Step 1: Decorative Stitches

Prep your sewing machine with Open embroidery foot #20/#20C/#20D and thread it with Aurifil cotton thread #2783. Get the first 9″ by 10″ of  FABRIC F and 1 (one) 9″ by 10″ of batting.

Pat Bravo Bernina1

Change stitch number on your machine to decorative stitch #468, or a decorative stitch of your choice.

Pat Bravo Bernina13

Prior to stitching, using your erasable pen to trace three lines 1” apart (from edge of the fabric to the right) for a guide to follow while sewing.

Pat Bravo Bernina10

Once the first row is complete, change the stitch number to #117, or choose a different decorative stitch.

Pat Bravo Bernina14jpg

Follow the next drawn line as a guide while sewing.

Pat Bravo Bernina11

Now go back to stitch #468 (or the first decorative stitch used), but this time you will turn your piece to sew in the other direction. Now, you will have a piece looking like this. Trim extra batting and repeat the same step with the last 9″ by 10″ piece of  FABRIC F.

Pat Bravo Bernina11 a

Step 2: Center Piece Decorative Stitching

Take all the 1″ by 10″ pieces of  FABRIC A, B, C, D and E and place them as shown below.

Pat Bravo Bernina2

Replace the presser foot to the all-purpose Reverse pattern foot #1/#1C/#1D and use straight stitch #1.

Pat Bravo Bernina16

Using a 1/4” seam allowance, stitch the first two strips together from top to bottom.

Gypsy_Pillow_Tutorial_ stitch the first two strips together from top to bottom.

Press seams to the side.

Pat Bravo Bernina4

Continue by adding the next strip to sew with a 1/4″ seam, right sides together.

NOTE: In order to have straight edges when sewing strips, flip the direction in which you are stitching. That way, the final piece will not have curvy edges.

Gypsy_Pillow_Tutorial - flip the direction in which you are stitching

Continue pressing seams to the same side as you stitch them.

Pat Bravo Bernina6

Continue with the rest of the fabric pieces following the order on the first image above. You will end up with a piece looking like this, don’t forget to trim the edges.

Pat Bravo Bernina7

Replace your presser foot to the Open embroidery foot #20/#20C/#20D and change the stitch number to #655.

Pat Bravo Bernina15

Stitch only on Fabric E stripes.

Pat Bravo Bernina8

Your piece will now look like this.
Pat Bravo Bernina9

Lastly, attach all three sides together. Remember to change the presser foot of your machine back to the all-purpose Reverse pattern foot #1/#1C/#1D and change stitch to straight stitch #1.

Pat Bravo Bernina12

For the backing of your pillow, take the remaining  2 (two) 9″ by 15″ of  FABRIC F and follow Step 3- Pillow Backing of The Essence Pillow Case  and you are good to go!

Pat Bravo DEcorative Pillow BERNINA 3

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