How to Free-motion Quilt a Star of David Motif

Decorate your Hanukah quilts and mug rugs with the Star of David quilting motif. If you start with a few minutes of doodling to practice the continuous line design, you’ll be able to quilt a border of stars in minutes.

I’m Lori Kennedy, BERNINA Ambassador, and author (see my books at LoriKennedyShop)back with another Hanukah free motion quilting design. You might also like How to Free-motion Quilt a Menorah and How to Free-motion Quilt a Dreidel.

The Star of David is created by stitching two intersecting triangles.  To create a continuous row of stars in an edge-to-edge design, alternate between stitching the upper and lower triangles first. In other words, for the first star, the upper triangle is stitched first and for the next star, the bottom triangle is stitched first.

Steps to Free-motion Quilt the Star of David

Note: Use your favorite marking tool to draw two parallel lines to keep your stars in a row.

Begin by stitching the first two sides of a triangle.

Stitch the base of the triangle, then closely echo stitch the left side of the triangle, stopping halfway along the line.

Add  a horizontal line beyond the right edge of the triangle.

Stitch down at an angle to create the right side of the lower triangle.

Continue by stitching the left side of the lower triangle.

Add a horizontal line across the star to complete the first Star of David in the row.

The next star is formed by stitching the lower triangle first.  Stitch the first two sides of the lower triangle.

Closely echo stitch the left side of the lower triangle.  Stop halfway along the line.

Stitch a horizontal line from left to right.

Stitch the right side of the upper triangle.

Continue stitching down to create the left side of the upper triangle.

Stitch the horizontal line to complete the second Star of David.  You are ready to begin the next star!

Add a row of circles above and below the stars to add a little more design interest or to fill a larger border.

Doodling Really Helps

You can do this! Doodle the step-by-step instructions and soon you will develop the muscle memory for this design.  It’s best to doodle for a few minutes, then practice stitching and then doodle again to reinforce the sequence.  Once you have the hang of it, watch the video again, and then you’ll be a star quilter!

Happy Hanukah!

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