Meet Master Craftster Abbeeroad

This year had the exciting opportunity to partner with, an online community for crafting and DIY enthusiasts to share their projects, ideas, and inspiration. Our partnership included the load of a BERNINA 330 to five talented Craftster members.

Meet Abbeeroad, one of the crafty ladies in the Master Craftster program and see some of the creative projects she constructed with the BERNINA 330!


Abbeeroad, what inspired you to start sewing and what was your first sewing machine?

I was first inspired to sew in college during my hippie days. I loved everything patchwork and decided I wanted to try making it myself. I started by hand-sewing pouches for my friends. My first sewing machine came shortly after – it was a very basic Kenmore machine.


Where do you get your inspiration for sewing projects?

My family is always a source of inspiration, especially my son. I love making things for others and thinking of ways to make something I know someone will love keeps me constantly trying new things. I am also inspired by fellow crafters. Seeing what others are capable of always makes me wonder what more I’m capable of.


What is the one thing that you love most about sewing?

To me, sewing is a hobby that grows with me, one that I will enjoy in striving for perfection until I can no longer thread a needle!


Of all the things you’ve made, which is your favorite?

For the Master Craftster campaign, I have to say the superhero cape was my favorite project. I love seeing my son playing in it and enjoying something I created. It was by far the simplest project I made, but also the most loved. Prior to the Master Craftster campaign, I made a patchwork wrap skirt that I think it still my favorite project of all time. It came out looking just like I pictured in my head – a rarity for me – and I am still so proud of that!

Read more about Abbeeroad’s projects at Craftster!

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