Sew a Naughty or Nice Reversible Christmas Pillow Wrap

Pillows are a great way to add color and comfort to your home. Rather than purchase (and store) pillows for the Christmas season, you can easily sew a pillow wrap to change the look of an existing pillow.

Get into the holiday spirit with this reversible Naughty or Nice pillow wrap. But you better watch out! Instead of checking his list, Santa just might change the side of the wrap to share whether you’ve been naughty or nice.

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Now, let’s sew the reversible pillow wrap!

Materials needed to sew the Naughty or Nice Reversible Pillow Wrap

  • Pillow wrap fabric – two pieces 38″ x 14″
  • Letter appliqué fabrics – 22″ x 9″ piece (or fabric scraps)
  • 2-1/4 yards of 1/2″ piping
  • Eight 7/8″ buttons
  • 1/8″ elastic – four pieces 3″ each
  • Coordinating thread to sew the wrap
  • Contrasting thread to appliqué the letters
  • Paper-backed fusible web
  • Stabilizer
  • Pencil
  • Pins or clips
  • Quilting ruler
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Printer and paper (to print appliqué letters)
  • Sewing machine – I used my BERNINA 770 QE Plus
  • Purchased 20″ x 20″ pillow

How to Sew the Reversible Pillow Wrap

This pillow wrap is designed for a 20″ pillow and has a finished size of 37″ x 13″.  It closes with elastic loops and buttons on the backside. If you’re using a different pillow size, you can make the pillow wrap larger or smaller as needed.

Appliqué the Letters to the Pillow Wrap

Trace and Apply the Letters to the Pillow Wrap

Tip: You can use a word processing program to choose your own letters to applique.  The letters on this pillow wrap measure 4″ tall.

Place the fusible web paper backing with the paper side up (bumpy side will be down) over the letters. Trace the naughty and nice letters using a pencil, leaving a small space between each letter. Don’t use a pen as the ink could bleed onto your fabric.

Trace letters to heat and bond for pillow wrap

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, fuse the naughty and nice letters to the wrong side of fabric.

Fuse letters to wrong side of fabric

Cut out each letter.

Cut out each letter to be appliquedAdd the Word Nice to the Pillow Wrap

Place one pillow wrap on the ironing board right side up. Mark the center by folding it in half matching the short end, press lightly and unfold.

Center the word nice on the pillow wrap.  For the nice side, the letters are placed 5″ from the bottom edge and are 1-1/2″ apart.Place letters for word nice centered on pillow wrap

Carefully remove the paper backing from each letter and place back on the fabric.

remove backing from letters

Fuse the letters in place following the manufacturer’s instructions.

fuse letters in place on pillow wrapAdd the Word Naughty to the Pillow Wrap

Place the other pillow wrap on the ironing board right side up. Mark the center by folding it in half matching the short ends, press lightly and unfold.

Center the word naughty on the pillow wrap. Because there are more letters to add on this side, the letters are staggered. Begin by placing the letter G in the center 5″ from the bottom. Place N, U, H, and Y higher by 1-1/4″ and A and T 5″ from the bottom (as shown).  The letters are about 1/2″ from one another.

Place the word naughty on the pillow wrap

Once you’re happy with the arrangement, carefully remove the paper backing from each letter and place back on the fabric.  Then fuse the letters in place following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Machine Appliqué the Letters to the Pillow Wrap

Iron a piece of tear-away stabilizer to the back side of the pillow wrap to help prevent the stitches from puckering.

Thread your machine with a contrasting thread to appliqué the letters.  I used a silk-finish cotton multi 50wt from Mettler.

Put on an open-toe appliqué foot. I used the BERNINA Open Embroidery Foot #20C. The wide opening at the front allowed me to easily see my stitching area.

Set your machine for a narrow zig-zag stitch. On my BERNINA 770 QE PLUS, I used stitch number 2, with the length set to 0.35 mm and the width set to 3.0 mm.

Make sure the left swing of the needle is on the letter and the right swing is on the pillow wrap fabric.

Tip: Experiment on a sample piece of fabric first to determine the exact zig-zag width and length to use on your machine before you begin to appliqué your letters.

Tip: Stitch slowly for more control as you applique around the curved edges.

applique letters using BERNINA open toe foot 20

If you prefer, change the thread color on each side of the pillow wrap. A metallic thread was used to applique the nice letters. Be sure to use a sewing machine needle designed for metallic threads.

Applique letters with metallic thread

Remove the stabilizer from the back.  I found it helpful to use these angled precision tweezers to help remove the interior parts by gently pushing through the paper backing. The Sookie Sews tweezers were provided by Brewer.

remove backing with sookie sews angled tweezersAdd Piping to the Pillow Wrap

On a flat work surface, place one pillow wrap right side up. Clip (or pin) piping along the upper and lower long ends of the pillow wrap, matching raw edges.

Pin piping to upper and lower long edges

Using a long basting stitch, sew the piping in place.  A zipper foot can be used, but I like to use my BERNINA Bulky Overlock Foot 12C . I can easily baste the piping in place as the cord sits neatly in the tunnel on the sole of the foot.

use bulky overlock foot 12c to sew piping

By moving the needle position, the stitches are close to the cord.

sewing piping to wrapAdd Elastic Closures to the Pillow Wrap

Cut 1/8″ elastic into four pieces that measure 3″ each. Fold the elastic in half creating a small loop and pin to one short edge of the pillow wrap as shown. Evenly space the four elastic loops starting and ending just past the piping trim. Stitch in place.

Tip: You can use a colored hair elastic band in place of the white elastic.

four elastic loop closures

Carefully pull about an inch of the piping inner cord out and trim to reduce bulk in the seam.

cut cording from trim

Place the pillow wraps right sides together matching raw edges and pin in place.  Stitch along all four edges, leaving a 6″  opening along the short edge without the elastic loops.  Turn right side out and press lightly. Hand stitch the opening closed.

Stitch buttons to the short end of the pillow wrap, aligning with the elastic loops.  A button will be stitched in the same location on each side allowing the pillow wrap to be reversible.

Button sewn on both sides

Wrap the finished pillow wrap around a 20″ pillow and secure in place by looping the elastic over the buttons.

Back of pillow wrap with buttons and loops

The final step is to decide which side to display!

Naughty or Nice Reversible Christmas Pillow Wrap

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