DIY Peplum Belt

How to Make a Peplum Belt

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With just a half-yard of fabric you can make this trendy peplum belt and add a fun accessory to your wardrobe.

DIY Summer Gathering Pouch

How to Make a Summer Gathering Pouch with Stitched Embellishments

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The primitive shape and the wonderful texture of a bark gathering basket were the inspiration for this elaborately embellished bag. Experiment with stitches, use double threads, mix pinks and greens – pull out your stash and play!

DIY Ruffled Bag

How to Make a Hippitee-Do-Dah Bag

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I’m very excited to share with you the much-requested Hippitee-Do-Dah Bag tutorial. I taught this sassy t-shirt-upcycling project last April at the Craftcation Conference.

Summer Sparkle Quilt-Along with Faith Jones

Summer Sparkle Quilt-Along: Part 2

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Welcome back everyone! This is Week 2 of the Summer Sparkle Quilt-Along and we are going to piece blocks based on Sawtooth Stars.

blanket stitch applique video tutorial

How to Applique with a Blanket Stitch: Free Video Tutorial

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Blanket stitch applique is easy to learn, looks great, and only takes a fraction of the time needed to sew traditional satin stitch applique. Give it a try on your next applique project!

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Log Cabin Patchwork Café Apron by Erika Mulvenna

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Stay clean and dry in the kitchen with a stylish patchwork café apron, pieced with a modern log cabin design.

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How to Sew a Blind Hem: Free Video Tutorial

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Did your sewing machine come with a blind hem foot? It probably did, and you most likely have a blind hem stitch on your sewing machine, too. But do you know how to stitch a blind hem on your sewing machine? It’s quick, nearly invisible, and really easy once you see how it’s done. Join Connie

how to sew an invisible zipper #bernina #weallsew #invisible zipper #how to sew #how to insert an invisible zipper #diy #do-it-yourself #free sewing tutorial #sewing tips #sewing zippers

How to Sew an Invisible Zipper: Free Video Tutorial

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Do you avoid sewing anything with an invisible zipper? Or maybe you’ve never tried, because you’ve heard they’re hard to sew? No more! Join us as Connie shows how easy it is to put in an invisible zipper once you know how.

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How to Hem Jeans: Free Video Tutorial

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Are your jeans always the right length when you buy them? Yes? That’s awesome. No? Well, come closer and Connie will show you how to create just-like-ready-made jeans hems in this super video.

fall wreath pillow case by vanessa Christenson for WeAllSew #bernina #diy #sew #free project #free tutorial #leaves #wreath #pillow #home dec #beginning sewing #applique

Fall Wreath Pillow by Vanessa Christenson for WeAllSew

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Fall is a magic time of year. Turn its first chill into a warm touch for your home décor. Let the dancing leaves spend the whole year with you, appliqued on your new pillow.