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How to Make a Very Special Wedding Guest Book

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September 7, 2013 was our first wedding anniversary. Our wedding day feels like it was yesterday and every morning when I open my closet I see our wedding favor that still shares it’s wonderful scent of lavender.

diamond wedding anniversary pillow by gina butler - feature 315x214px w

Diamond Wedding Anniversary Pillow

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The photo started out as a tiny 3″ x 5″ group shot of my husband’s Dad and his siblings. His Uncle Carroll and Aunt Joyce were newlyweds of two weeks. By scanning the original and using software to enlarge and crop the image of the couple, I was able to get a usable print.

Robes for the Bridesmaids by Kerry Finn #sew #diy #wedding #weallsew

Robes for the Bridesmaids

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What could be more fun than having all of your attendants wearing a new cotton robe while they dress for the wedding? Nicole wanted her attendants to have something special that they could wear again and again. These soft, pink, cotton robes were the perfect choice to bring back memories of a very special day.

Jessica Wedding Gown part 3 - feature 315x214px w

Jessica’s Wedding Gown, Part 3: A Step Back in Time

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This is not the first wedding dress I’ve made for Jessica. I ran across a picture of the first one—she was 4 or 5 years old and I’m trying to think of a way to incorporate this picture into the wedding. Any ideas will be appreciated!

Jessica's Wedding Gown Part 2 by Debbi Lashbrook #diy #sew #weallsew.com

Jessica’s Wedding Gown, Part 2

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I am finally going to start my daughter’s wedding dress! She has made a decision on the style and the fabric and I’m ready to begin! Measurements have been taken, fabric has been purchased, and the “test” dress will be completed over the upcoming holiday.

Lavender Sachet Wedding Favors by Alice Voss-Kantor #sew #diy #wedding #weallsew.com

A Heartfelt Favor

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This year I got married to my wonderful husband Dan. Our fairytale wedding was in a castle close to my parent’s home in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. For wedding favors, my thoughts were to combine something handmade (on a BERNINA) with something my guests would cherish forever that would be useful at the same time.

Bridal Purses by Kerry Finn #sew #diy #embroidery #weallsew.com

Romantic Purses for the Brides

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I was lucky enough to witness two beautiful weddings for two lovely brides this summer. One was my niece and the other a very special friend’s daughter. A bridal purse seemed like the right thing to make for each of these wonderful young women.

Jessica's Wedding Dress - part 1 - Debbi Lashbrook #sew #diy #wedding

Jessica’s Wedding Gown, Part 1

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I was thrilled when Jessica asked me to make her wedding dress! I love to sew garments and my favorite thing of all to make is bridal gowns. Our first step: decide exactly what she wanted. This was a task in itself! Jessica sometimes has a hard time making up her mind, which makes me a little nervous.

sara groff - wedding pillows 5 feature 315x214px

Words for a Wedding

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The groom’s ring pillow I made for my brother’s wedding uses words his fiancee used to describe him, and the bride’s ring pillow is embroidered with words my brother used to describe the bride-to-be. After the wedding, the pillows will be taken apart and matted and framed.

DIY Upcycled Ring Bearer's Pillow

How to Sew an Upcycled Ring Bearer’s Pillow

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Create a beautiful yet simple Ring Bearer’s Pillow using upcycled fabrics from your family heirloom garments or thrift store finds.