Cupcake Birthday Runner, Part One

overhead view of a teal and floral cupcake table runner on a marble table.

Birthdays are fun to celebrate! Make it festive with this cupcake table runner. The serger ensures it is quick to piece while sparkly thread and vinyl appliqué make it extra special.

Join me on this two-part adventure as I show you how to quilt-as-you go on the serger and quilt and appliqué with embroidery.

Let’s get started!

Finished Size

12 x 40” (seam allowances are 1/4″)

Materials for Making the Table Runner

Make the Table Runner

The quilt-as-you go technique means that the runner is pieced and quilted in the ditch all at the same time. Carefully follow the steps below.

Step 1

Fuse the fleece to the wrong sides of the fabrics cut for the top (white floral, teal, and gray floral). Make a quilt sandwich with one of the fused squares and one backing square. Make a quilt sandwich with one of the fused sashing rectangles and one backing rectangle. I have offset the top and the back in the photo so that you can see that they are wrong sides together.

overhead view of floral and teal fabric pieces.

Step 2

Flip the teal sashing piece right sides together with the top square. Flip the backing sashing piece so that it is right sides together with the backing square. Align the edges and clip.

overhead view of floral fabric clipped to a rectangle piece of fabric.

Step 3

Serge the pieces together using a 4-thread Overlock stitch. Because of the bulk in the seam allowance, I adjusted the Cutting Width to 5 and the Presser Foot Pressure to 2. I also aligned the seam guide even with the knife so that I would just skim the blade as I serged.

front view of fabric being fed through serger under the presser foot.

Step 4

Press the sashing on the front and back, away from the squares. I like how the serger compresses the seam and everything lays flat.

overhead view of an iron pressing seams on floral and teal fabric.

Step 5

Repeat this process to add a square next to the sashing.

overhead view of two squares of fabric clipped together.

Step 6

Continue serging in this way until you have sewn three squares with sashing in between all the squares and at each end.

overhead view of multi-color fabric squares sewn together.

Step 7

Add the side borders in the same way.

overhead view of teal borders sewn onto squares of multi-colored fabric.

Step 8

Add the gray floral print and matching backing on each short end. Press well. Because the runner was quilted as you serged, you don’t have to stitch-in-the ditch!

overhead view of multi-color fabric squares and borders sewn together.

Step 9

Use a 3-thread Overlock Narrow (RN) #4 to serge around the edges. Avoid trimming as you serge. This will keep the fabrics in the right place during the quilting part of the project.

front facing view of teal fabric being fed through a serger.

Step 10

This is a good time to make the binding. Use the 3-thread Overlock Narrow (RN) #4 again to join the short ends of the binding strips, making one long strip. For an accurate 1/4″ seam, change the cutting width to 8. I found a handy use for one of my spent serger spools!

multi-colored binding wrapped around a pink thread spool.

That’s it for this post! Join me next time to learn how to quilt and appliqué in the embroidery hoop and attach the binding with the overlocker!

overhead shot of the finished multi-color table runner.

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