Decorative Stitch Tip

Have you ever wanted to sew a row of decorative stitches in a very particular place on a sewing project? Try using the Open embroidery foot #20/#20C/#20D for an open view, it’s one of my favorite feet to use when I need to see what’s in front of the needle.

decorative stitch tip

Watch this video tip to see how it works!

I love the wide opening at the front of the Open embroidery foot because it offers a clear view of the stitching area, and the wide wedge-shaped channel under the sole of the foot ensures perfect fabric feed even over dense stitch formations. Of course you don’t have to take my word for it, there are quite a few of my fellow BERNINA Ambassadors who count this foot as a favorite too!

Minki Kim uses this foot in her Mini Basket Tutorial to give the most visibility when she’s creating her “sewing illustrations.”

How to Add a Scalloped Edge Tutorial - Stitching the scallops

Erica Bunker uses this foot to stitch precisely along a template while making scallops. You can find out how Erica added custom scalloped trim to a coat in her Scalloped Edging Tutorial.

Appliqué tip with tracing paper

And quilter, Jane Sassaman, creates bright, beautifully colored appliqué shapes with this foot! You can read about Jane’s appliqué tip here.

BERNINA Circular Embroidery Attachment

Kathy Kansier demonstrates how this is the perfect foot to pair with the Circular embroidery attachment #83 to create perfect circular embroidery designs with decorative stitches.

Next time you need to really see where you are stitching pull your Open embroidery foot #20/#20C/#20D out of your toolbox and give it a try!

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