Diamonds Quilt Along, Part 6: Diamonds Bonus Quilt

Hey, all of you BERNINA fans! Are you ready to quilt the Bonus Diamonds quilt?


The Diamonds Bonus Quilt

This quilt is quite modern and, although the piecing is simple, the movement is very dynamic, it really is the perfect vehicle to showcase contrasting textures. I’ve chosen to quilt simple, straight lines over the colored triangle channels and leaf-shaped feathers in the background. (Leaf-shaped feathers are probably the easiest feathers to quilt; since leaves are different sizes in nature we don’t notice if our quilted leaves are different sizes too.)


It is ALL about CONTRAST!


Hint: If you make each leaf tip point upwards they will look happy; leaves that point downward look “wilted”.

Note that I used contrasting thread in the area that is simple to quilt – the one that has straight lines. As you gain quilting experience, consider using contrasting threads for simple motifs to add an extra pop!

Download your quilting instructions and watch my video for tips and tricks.

BERNINA Expert Amanda Murphy shows how she quilted the Diamonds Bonus Quilt.

Of course, there are infinite ways you could quilt this piece, so feel free to do your own variations on this theme and have fun!

For more quilting tips you search for me here on, visit my website, or join my Facebook Group, Quilting with Amanda Murphy. If you are quilting along with us, please remember to post your work and tag BERNINA (@berninausa) on Facebook and Instagram, and me at @amandamurphydesign on Instagram. Next month I’ll be back to show you how to quilt the Bonus pillow.

Until then, stay safe and healthy – happy quilting!


Diamonds Quilt Along with Amanda Murphy

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