Meet BERNINA Brand Ambassador Rachel Smith

Hello! I’m Rachel Mae Smith and I live and craft in Portland, OR. I run the blog The Crafted Life, a DIY blog that focuses on approachable and fulfilling projects, small business tips, and more. Although I’m relatively new to sewing with a machine, (this is actually my first machine ever!) I can’t wait to break in my BERNINA 380.





I’ll be sharing some fun accessory and home decor projects that will perfect for the beginner or for those who don’t have a lot of time, but still want to make something lovely.

  Rachel Smith


A little more about myself:


Rachel Smith


I originally started blogging in 2012 as a side hobby to my full time job. I was working 65+ hours a week in education and wasn’t doing anything that made me happy, like crafting, in my free time. I decided that once a week I’d carve out an hour and dedicate it to that. Starting a blog was how I held myself accountable.


10 Minute Vase

10 Minute Vase DIY 


The first few months of blogging were quite a struggle, mainly because of scheduling and trying to juggle everything with work. To make things as easy as possible, I started blocking out Sundays for projects. I would craft, photograph, edit and post all on the same day. Once I was done, I was free to do whatever I wanted for the rest of the week. There were times I had to pass on hanging out with friends, or events I had to miss, but it was the only way that I could establish a routine.



After a month or so, things began to fall in place and I even started looked forward to Sundays. It was the one day of week where I was able to tune out all of the other stresses in my life and create something with my hands, which is so important!

Dried Flower Coaster



DIY Dried Flower Coasters


Over the years, I’ve been able to improve my photography and even develop a readership. Never in a million years did I think my hobby would pay the bills, but I can’t tell you how grateful (and amazed!) I am that it does.


I’m so excited to be bringing you easy and fulfilling projects as I learn with my BERNINA 380!



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