Meet BERNINA Brand Ambassador Helena From Gray All Day

My name is Helena from, and I think that sewing is simply magic. It is an amazing skill and hobby, and for me it has always been true love!

Helena from GrayAllDay

I had the luck to be the daughter of a professional seamstress, so learning to sew was never a conscious choice, it just happened. I’ve always loved fashion, and so the irony of having a seamstress Mom was that I was motivated to sew my own style of clothes. When my mom made things for me, they tended towards the frilly and romantic, and I wanted clean, modern and trendy.


I still choose modern shapes and keep my eye on trends, but my recent focus as a seamstress has been to create unique clothes (I hate sewing basics!) and learn new skills. I’m so passionate about this hobby that I want to know and master every bit!

I love adding unique details to my creations, like zippers, metallic trim, or a contrast fabric.


But I also love wearing the clothes I create, so I’ve begun to think about my wardrobe holistically, too. Since I recently made a move to a totally different climate, I’ve been slowly building my DIY closet to work in my new environment, wearing shapes I feel good in, and planning pieces that will work well together. It is a big, fun puzzle that I ponder often!

Wardrobe Collage1Wardrobe Collage2

I’ve sewn on a vintage BERNINA my entire life (though when I was young, it wasn’t considered vintage!) so I’m already a BERNINA zealot. The opportunity to try out the beautiful stitches of the new BERNINA 350 PE has me so excited!

Funny story—when I told my Mom that I was bringing home a new sewing machine, she was confused. Why would I want a new machine when our beloved 830 Record does everything we need (she and I own the same machine)? I told her I’m sure sewing machine technology has come a long way in the last 40 years and BERNINA is on the cutting edge, so I want to try it out. And I can’t wait to explore all the features and share my projects here on the WeAllSew blog!

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