Seashell Guest Towel

I like to have pretty decorative towels in my bathroom, but hate the cost of them. I buy plain towels and choose designs that work in the bathroom. On this towel I embroidered a seashell border from OESD’s “Seaside Treasures” collection #12300. The hardest part is deciding which designs to use!

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5 comments on “Seashell Guest Towel”

  • Bunny, what stabilizer did you use when you made the towels? Also, did you hoop just the stabilizer? I need to make several hooded towels for baby gifts, so any pointers would really help!
    Thanks, Bonnie Alexander
    Colorado Springs, CO

    • Hi Bonnie – Hoop a layer of water-soluble stabilizer, such as Aqua Mesh, and spray with a temporary adhesive such as 505. Mark the center of your embroidery design on the towel, then smooth the towel into place on the stabilizer, using the plastic hoop template as a guide. To keep the loops of the towel from poking through the embroidery, place a bit of water-soluble stabilizer, such as Aqua Film Topping. When finished with the embroidery, pull away the excess Aqua Film Topping from the stitches. For the tiny bits between shapes, blot with a damp towel. If I’m embroidering high contrast colors, such as white on black, I use a piece of OESD Top Cover Stabilizer; this not only keeps the loops from peeking through, but provides a permanent barrier of color between the towel and the stitches. Pull away the excess, then use tweezers – my favorites are Uncle Bill’s – to pull any little pieces away. Gently remove the stabilizer from the back, taking care to pull away from the stitching, not up, so as not to distort the stitches. We’d love to see your baby towels when you’re done! Jo

  • Thanks sooo much! I’ve been asking everyone how to do this, but nobody could give me the step by step or the type of stabilizer. I really appreciate your help!

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