Tip for Better Fitting Jeans

Everyone has them, the jeans that would otherwise be perfect if they didn’t “gap out” at the back of the waist. The thighs fit great, and they are the right length, but the waist doesn’t fit and the next size down is too small. I get it, and this is how I fixed that problem with only two seams!

Tip for better fitting jeans

Materials to Fit Jeans

1.Take a look at the back of the jeans, you will be making small darts in the waistband. I like to do mine right above the pockets so the back of the jeans lays flat against my back when I’m done.

Tip for better fitting jeans

2.Above the pocket, fold your denim in half and align the waistband. Take a marker or pen and draw an angled line as in the photo. How wide you want the top to be depends on how much gap you have in your waistband. More gap means a deeper dart. It will angle all the way to the fold.

Tip for better fitting jeans

3.Notice the bulk that you will be sewing through, and the different heights you will be working with. I sewed with my Reverse pattern foot with clear sole #34D along with the Dual Feed, but you can also use the Jeans foot #8. I used the Reverse pattern foot with clear sole #34D because I wanted to see my seam and also use the red lines on the foot to follow my marked line. My BERNINA 750 QE sews through this bulk with no issues at all. I used a universal needle #80 and a medium weight thread (like a 50 wt). Also, you can keep your presser foot level by using the Height Compensation tool that came with your machine while sewing with these bulky seams.

Tip for better fitting jeans

4.Line up your pen marks with the needle and lines on the presser feet. Reverse stitch a few stitches at the start and end so that your seams don’t come undone when pulling your jeans on and off. If your machine has dual feed like mine, don’t forget to engage it.

Tip for better fitting jeans

5.To really secure your stitches, sew over your seam at least twice. It will be nice and sturdy now if you want to clip away any of the waistband that might be bulky against your body. Trim any thread tails.

Tip for better fitting jeans

6.Now that gap will be closed up and the waistband fitted to your body. If you are a curvy girl like me, these will soon become your favorite jeans ever! No more leaning over and having that ugly gap.

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10 comments on “Tip for Better Fitting Jeans”

  • Due to the bulkiness of the seam you are about to stitch, I find it a good idea to hammer the seam first. The seam glides through like butter after hammered.

  • My sister and I have been doing this for over 40 years and now I do it for one of my nieces occasionally. Don’t make it any more difficult than it has to be.

    • Wow! I just realized I have been doing this for 50 years! I could never get jeans that were long enough and was forced to buy men’s jeans and this fix always worked very very well and I never had an issue with bulk, and I was using a very tough Viking sewing machine at the time. Now I have my Bernina and it sews through whatever I can get under the foot. I bought a lot of U S Navy surplus bells back then and this worked like a charm, and the fabric was terrific (1968 or so).

  • The elastic through the back waistband is a good fix. Putting in darts as suggested is often bulky and uncomfortable. Since I do alterations for many people, the best and preferred way is to remove the waistband, shorten it usually in the center back and remove the bulk, dart and/or take in seams, reattach the waistband — yes, I know that’s a lot of work but for large amounts it’s the best way

  • I like your ideas on repairing jeans, however, my problem is in the crotch… I even buy petite jeans and I still have to roll the top of the jean down for it to fit. Being a quilter for years, I’m really hesitant to cut into them. I need some advise….. tks!

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