Unconventional Design Challenge with bernette 38

For my final class project at the University of Nebraska for my major in Fashion Design and Textiles, I had to create a garment using unconventional materials. Me and my project partner, Abbie Adams, decided to use inspiration from the 2018 Chanel Spring Collection. We wanted to incorporate inspiration from the clear vinyl material of the raincoats and shoes. Using unconventional materials, we chose to use cellophane wrapping paper and clear shower curtain.

My partner Abbie modeled the garment for our project so I constructed the fit of the garment to fit her body. We made a mini skirt with the clear shower curtain. We added an overlay to the skirt using the cellophane. It created a voluminous and crisp look to create depth. For the top, we kept it very simple. With so much volume on the bottom we did a slim halter top with gathered cellophane and a strap around the neck using the clear shower curtain.

To make this all physically stay together I used my bernette 38 machine. Using the Overlock foot on my machine, everything was sewn in a breeze. Since the entire garment was see-through, Abbie brought a white top and white skirt to wear under the garment that we made. After we finished all the final details we had a styled shoot.

Abbie added accessories to the garment such as clear mesh heels inspired from the shoes used in the show along with modern shaped earrings. We also had a clear umbrella to tie together the look. We used a plain backdrop and decorated it with green ivy. In the Chanel 2018 Spring show, they incorporated waterfalls and green plants, very nature inspired. We wanted to incorporated that as well.

The project went well and we are happy with the results using my bernette 38 sewing machine! Check out the pictures below for the process and end result!

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