BERNINA’s Golden Anniversary

We hope you’re having a Happy New Year! We’re very excited to welcome 2018 which marks the 125th Golden Anniversary of the BERNINA company. This momentous occasion calls for a year-long party!


125 Year Anniversary Logo

Above all, we want to celebrate you and your creativity on this occasion. “Celebrate Your Creativity” is our motto for 2018, and we look forward to rejoicing in the past, present and future with you! We will be sharing our entire sewing community’s creativity throughout the year with all things “Golden!” We will launch sewing machines with special Golden Anniversary designs, there will be gilded presser feet, “Golden” giveaways, and many tutorials featuring golden sewing projects here at WeAllSew. Keep an eye open for other Golden Anniversary celebrations on our social media channels and in our BERNINA Dealer stores. We look forward to sharing a look back at what we’ve accomplished along with sharing stories as well as interviews with BERNINA staff from the US and Switzerland.

Karl Friedrich Gegauf, founder of BERNINA

BERNINA has seen many changes since Johann Georg Gegauf founded the company in 1893; the World’s Fair Columbian Exposition in Chicago, the Theory of Relativity, the first automobiles, the space race, the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, the Internet, social media and smartphones. Not to mention BERNINA innovations; the world’s first portable freearm with zigzag machine, the Free Hand System, the world’s first sewing and embroidery computer, the BERNINA Stitch Regulator and the BERNINA Hook. Our Golden Anniversary is just the beginning. Where will the next 125 years take us?

In celebration of 125 years BERNINA we created beautiful golden projects that include paisley embroidery designs that were specifically designed for our anniversary. You can download the Paisley Embrodery Designs here.

125-years-dress-detail with paisley design

BERNINA 125 years paisley embroidery designs

BERNINA is also celebrating with a gilded BERNINA 125th Anniversay Foot! A limited number of these golden Reverse pattern foot #1 Anniversary Edition feet will be arriving at BERNINA stores in March, be sure to ask at your local store about ordering one of your own.BERNINA Reverse Pattern foot #1 Anniversary Edition in gold BERNINA Anniversary tin


Enter the My First BERNINA contest for a chance to win a BERNINA limited edition Golden Anniversary Foot!

We’re kicking off our golden anniversary with a chance for you to win a fun prize like a golden Reverse pattern foot #1 of your own, or one of Tula Pink’s specialty Hardware cutting tools! We want to hear all about how BERNINA has helped you create, and sharing your My First BERNINA story is your ticket to enter to win. Read on below to find out how to enter your creative My First BERNINA story to our Community section to be eligible for our first WeAllSew Golden Anniversary Giveaway !

GRAND PRIZEBERNINA Reverse Pattern foot #1 Anniversary Edition in gold

The Grand Prize is one golden BERNINA Reverse Pattern foot #1 Anniversary Edition nestled in a beautiful collector’s BERNINA 125 Anniversary tin.

FIRST PRIZETula Pink Rotary Cutter

First Prize is one Tula Pink ergonomic handle 45mm Rotary Cutter.

SECOND PRIZETula Pink Scissors

Second Prize is one pair of Tula Pink Hardware 8″ fabric shears.


Tula Pink_Snips

Third Prize is one Tula Pink Hardware 5″ curved EZ Snips thread snipper.

And The Winners Are…

Grand Prize Winner

WeAllSew Community member bree406 with her post, My Swiss Red!

First Prize Winner

WeAllSew Community member csmead with her post, My first BERNINA!

Second Prize Winner

WeAllSew Community member leila with her post, BERNINA joy of Sewing!

Third Prize Winner

WeAllSew Community member hikerg1rl59 with her post, My First BERNINA!

How to Enter the My First BERNINA Contest!

Whether you have fond memories of your first BERNINA from years gone by, or you just popped open the box of your first BERNINA, we want to hear your story! Share a post in our WeAllSew Community section using photos and a written description to tell us all about your very first BERNINA.

The first step to start sharing your BERNINA store is to make sure you are a registered WeAllSew reader. If you are registered, make sure you are logged in and click here to find a step-by-step tutorial on uploading your story to our WeAllSew Community section. You will then be ready to upload your story! Select “my first BERNINA” in the dropdown menu. You can share up to 12 images in your story, and make sure to add all the details about your first BERNINA.

Click here to read the official rules. ELIGIBILITY: Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older. The following individuals are not eligible to enter or win a prize: employees, contractors, directors, and officers of BERNINA of America, LLC. (“Sponsor”), its parent, subsidiaries and affiliated companies, and the web design, advertising, fulfillment, legal, judging, administrative, and Sweepstakes agencies involved in the administration, development, fulfillment, and execution of this Sweepstakes (collectively, “Sweepstakes Parties”), and the immediate family members (spouse, parent, child, sibling, grandparent, and spouse or “step” of each) and those living in the same household of each such person (those persons whether related or not who live in the same residence for at least three months during the twelve-month period preceding the start date of the Sweepstakes). SWEEPSTAKES PERIOD: The Sweepstakes begins on January 5, 2018, at 9:00:00 a.m. Central Time (“CT”) and ends on February 2, 2018, at 11:59:00 p.m. CT (the “Sweepstakes Period”). The Application server is the official clock for this Sweepstakes.

Good luck!

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63 comments on “BERNINA’s Golden Anniversary”

  • This foot looks like it’s for the 830 or the 930 ( have both) I am looking at the straight shank. (right) this was the machines I sold when working at the Great Fall’s Montana Bernina store. Did the classes great machines. I now have the Artista 170 Quilters Edition, Just don’t have the power of my other’s. I enjoyed my machine free hand embroidery. Anyone can do the other. Doing more Quilting now @ 80 I enjoy my Machines. Thanks for your time. Ardiss Anderson Kunze

  • I have love my Bernina from the first 830 in 1976, on to the 1130, then the 730, 440, and now my 700 plus I have had two sergers! All have been wonderful machines!

  • My first two Bernina’s were purchased just after I finished graduate school– I went on the Bernina journey with my local store( now closed) with being given the opportunity to become a Bernina instructor with training from Bernina instructors and a trip to Chicago when the new 830 was first announced. I purchased the first Bernina 830 from my local dealer — Several months after my Bernina 830 purchase it went back to the factory for updating and was my go to machine until the 880 came out. I am the owner currently of a 215, 440, 350, 880, 700 and the 1300 Serger and the cover stitch server and a Bernina quilt frame– I love Bernina products and so miss being able to teach Mastery, Embroidery Mastery, and all the software. I loved teaching others and hopefully I can keep my skills up and someday when a Bernina dealer locates in West Virginia I can again teach.

  • I was able to get my first Bernina, Georgie Girl, because of my husband’s second cousin George. We were very close to him and he know how much I enjoyed sewing and quilting. Upon his death, I learned that he gifted me money to buy a new sewing machine. I did a lot of research and decided that Bernina was the machine for me. So I named my Bernina 880 “Georgie Girl” after a wonderful teddy-bear of a man, George.

  • I had all ways had a brothers machine since I started sewing. I went to a quilt shop and they were having a person come and show bernina machine out. I went to the class where a bernina educator was coming to show up about the machine. Which I had all ready decided to buy a new Brother sewing machine. But after talking and see what a 830 machine could do. My husband a I brought the machine. I took it home and took all the classes I could on this machine. I fell in love with my machine and won’t bye any other machine. I brought the software too so I could learn ever thing about this machine.

  • In 2007 I took a class to learn to quilt by hand piecing and quilting. I wanted to make quilts faster so I took a machine quilting class in 2008 and my instructor let me use a Bernina 440. I fell in love with that machine and my husband bought one for me. I still have my 440 on which I do most of my sewing. I also have a B330 to take to classes and retreats. Before using the 440 I was afraid to use a machine because I felt I had no control over the speed, but with the Bernina I have every confidence in using it. Congratulations on 125 years of a great machine.

  • I bought my first Bernina 33 years ago. I tried the 830 at the sewing machine dealer and fell in love with the stitch quality. The stitch quality was the best on the market. I loved the machine so much that I went to work for the dealer selling Bernina. Then purchased a 930. The queen of machines. I enjoyed it for many years. Then I later purchased the 1230. Another great machine. I needed an embroidery machine, got the 650 Deco. Purchased a serger, the best, 234 Bernette. I was all set. The best of the best. I still have all .the machines and continue to use them. Recently purchased the
    Bernina 700. I have a family of Berninas. The best machines on the market.

  • I was working for a Bernina Dealer in Showlow AR when the home serger came out. I couldn’t afford one, but wanted one so much. When I went to work on my birthday there was a serger with a giant bow on it and my daughters where at the shop. I asked “why the bow”, My boss told me to check it out. My daughters had gotten together and purchased it for me. Was in Bernina heaven. Over 30 years later one of my daughters still uses that serger.

  • My mother always wanted a Bernina. When I was a medical student in 1978, I could not afford the kind of clothes I needed to wear. I bought an 830, bought good quality fabric & sewed my own clothing. That 830 is still in use in my family – now being used by one of my sons & my daughter-in-law. My 1630 is in my daughter’s possession. I now own a 770QE & a 350 for class….

  • My first Bernina was the 830. I currently own a 153 which I sew on daily, an 1130 which is my all time favorite workhorse machine and a 1630… My serger is a Bernette but I don’t sew garments anymore and haven’t used it in years…but it’s in my sewing room…

  • I learned to sew at the age of 14. My mom had an 830 Record which she purchased new in the 1970’s. She made all of my clothes, prom dresses, bathing suits, pieced beautiful quilts all on that machine and she showed me how to sew on her beloved Bernina machine. It was her prized possession. It was the most expensive thing she owned besides her wedding ring. I can’t remember a day that she didn’t sew on that machine, until the day she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She still continued to sew, but slowed way down. She stopped making clothes for me and concentrated on more home decor. When she passed away in 1985 all I wanted was her Bernina machine. I have loved that machine my entire life. As a tribute to my mom about 18 months after her passing I made my own wedding dress on that beloved Bernina 830 Record. I have used that Bernina over the past 40+ years and have made everything from my wedding dress to clothes for my kids to quilt tops to home decor to name a few. Each time I would sit to sew I would tell my kids about how my mom was a fantastic seamstress and their favorite story is about when my mom was a freshman in high school she took Home Ec and was assigned to sew a garment. She chose to make a silk bathrobe. Well, her workmanship and sewing skills far surpassed those of the teacher and my mom was kicked out of the class for being too good. My mom never got the chance to see me in my wedding dress and she never got to meet her grandchildren. Because of my mom’s love for her Bernina 830 Record I too learned to love and trust Bernina sewing machines. This past Christmas I thought it would be fun to have a new Bernina machine that had some different capabilities beyond my old 830. The 830 still runs great and I have had it serviced regularly over the years she has been in my care, but I just thought a new fun machine to expand my capabilities would be exciting. I was fortunate to be able to purchase a new 770QEE machine and I am learning all the ins and outs of this amazing sewing/quilting/embroidery machine. Both my mom’s machine and my new 770 QEE sit side by side in my sewing room. My goal for 2018 is to use my machines (yes both) to sew pillowcase dresses for the humanitarian group “Little Dresses for Africa.” I am proud to be a part of the Bernina family. Thank you for producing such an outstanding product.

  • I have been sewing on my Bernina 930 Record since 1983. I was making dolls and bears to sell at the time. After taking my ancient singer in for repair (again!) my dealer made me an offer I could not refuse .He had heard of my doll making success and made it quite easy for me to bring home my machine. In no time I was able to finish all my orders and pay for my machine.
    Over the years I have sewn upholstery, suits, home decor items, clothes, quilts, and many more items. I recently had my machine serviced and I hope to get another 35 years out of it!
    However the new machines are amazing!

  • A gold foot sure would be a treasure. I bought my first Bernina (180 Artista) more than 25 years ago. Loved that machine. Now I have an 820 and just getting to know it.

  • I love to sew everything from baby clothes to wedding dresses, quilts, drapes, I guess I have made it all. When my husband got me a Bernina 750QE I never knew just how wonderful a machine could sew. Wow so wonderful. He keeps asking if I want something else, I told him know it’s the best machine I’ve ever had. I still have all my other machines , but they are retired now.

  • My first Bernina 830 was purchased in 1983. I have owned 11 Bernina machines including
    2 sergers. Family members have received many of these machines. I now have a 790 and a 350 for travel. The quality is so great I can’t think of buying anything else.
    Years ago I won a gold foot. I gave this to my Bernina dealer who is my friend.
    Congratulations on your anniversary.

  • My first Bernina was a 1010!. I bought it used from the local Sew and Vac in the early 1990’s. I loved that little machine; I made my first quilts with it, as well as clothing for my babies. I outgrew it and traded it up for 440 QE in 2006 which still goes strong today—at its last checkup last spring, it had 5.03 million stitches. I have made countless quilts with it, but not very many clothes as my children are grown now.

  • My mom’s first and ONLY Bernina is the ‘workhorse’ itself, the 810 model. That machine works just as good as it did when it was new. I learned to sew on her old Singer, until she purchased the Bernina. And I was sold! When I got my first job, I bit the bullet, and bought my own Bernina 1010, complete with cabinet. This was a big investment at the time, being that I was just on my own, in my twenties. Worth every penny! It doesn’t have any of the fancy bells and whistles–no electronics in sight. It’s perfect. I plan to pass it on to my daughter. I expect it to be around a long time.

  • I just purchased an 880 which I really love. My other one is a 200 Bernina upgraded to a 730 which I used for years and still do. It Is really reliable no problem I clean and oil it regularly myself. I also own a bernina serger.

  • I bought my first BERNINA when I retired 7 years ago. I have made so made so many baby quilts for friends new grandkids, quilts for friends and actually made one for myself from my husband’s shirt after he passed away.
    My Bernina reminds me so much the great machine I got as a graduation present over 50 years ago. My worked for JC Penney and that is where my machine came form.
    Built as strong and reliable as my Bernina !!!

  • My first Bernina was a deco. I had the desire to machine embroidery, I learned very quickly the stitch out field was not large enough. Next was the Artisia 200 great little machine. Then when the 880 Sterling Edition came out I was s blessed to get one! Wow, what a machine. Then last year I was able to the 790, I will say that is my favorite machine. I also have a serger & cover stitch machines. I do a lot of different things sewin, quilting, Embroidery & whatever looks & sounds like fun. So thankful for my Bernina’s

  • I had been sewing on a great machine for a long time, but my husband decided I needed a better machine and decided on a Bernina 1080. We really couldn’t afford it, but he went ahead and purchased it. It has made me the money I spent on it and then some by my crafting for craft fairs. It’s definitely a workhorse. I just bought the binder attachment and three sole walking foot. These accessories are fabulous! Glad that I am part of the Bernina family.

  • ? Love my Bernina 770QE! Took my first quilting class 4 years ago using a portable Brother. My new quilting friends went to the Madison quilting expo and I tried all the machines available. Decided on a Bernina. Had to get the Bernina 350 because the 770 was too heavy to carry to classes. ? Love them both.

  • My Bernina 750QE is awesome. It is so nice to sew with self threading and cutting I just love all the features . Well worth the cost is a great machine

  • My first Bernina 1020 quilters edition was purchase on my birthday as a present for myself, I was planning on bringing it into the house ans sneaking it into my sewing room, well when I opened the garage door, my husband was home early from work, so she had to stay in the car, I was devistated. Later we had a call to go to the emergency room for one of our boys was hit by a car( he was fine), skateboard no so good, My husband says, relax, you never do anything for yourself, perfect time to tell him that I just bought a new sewing machine. That was in 21 years ago, That machine still works perfect, she has out sewn every other machine, and I do sew daily about six hours, thank you Bernina for such a great machine!

  • I had a singer machine, that I was always yelling at caused it just didn’t stitch very well. I guess my husband just got tired of me yelling at my machine. He had seen the Bernina’s at a quilt shop one afternoon when I need some material.
    He said you need a new machine so he got me the 750QE and I fell in love with sewing all over again. Thank you Bernina for making a great machine.

  • In 1974 I took a class on how to make drapes and I got to sew on a Bernina 830 which I promptly purchased one and then upgraded to a 1130 and then a 1230 which i still have and also a virtuoso 153 which i love for knits and a 803 and a 1000. Am 76 now so I am done upgrading i still sew most every day

  • Oh my ! My First experience with a Bernina Maxine was in my jr hi home economic classes -yes – in west Texas we had cabinet model Bernina machines! My mom was gifted an 830 machine In 1981 – we both sewed many hours on that machine!!!

  • I’m a 65 yo newby to Bernina. Have sewn for years with Singers, Vikings, Janomes and Babylocks. In the last year I bought my first and second Bernina……traded everything I had (except for the Featherweight). LOVE my Berninas!!

  • I bought my first Bernina a year ago, a 770 qee. I have been through a lot of other name brand sewing machines that were just not the quality I was looking for. When I sew with my machine I feel the workmanship and history behind my machine. There are somethings on a sewing machine that cannot be replaced with computers or plastic and Bernina knows this and that is why they last and become an investment. I enjoy sewing now, where as before it was frustrating. The sewing is just beautiful and my machine gives me the confidence to sew for other people.

  • Around 1970 when I was about 14, my mother purchased our first Bernina, an 830. I sewed clothing for a family of 7 until I married and moved away from home. In the late 1970’s, I purchased my own Bernina 810 and sewed on that machine for 29 years. When I had to replace that machine, I felt like I had lost my best friend. My new Bernina Aurora 430 handled everything I needed it to including my new interest in quilting. That machine was traded in on a Bernina 530 in 2012. Along the way, I added a Bernina Artista 230 as a travel machine. I will always have a Bernina.

  • My first BERNINA was model 165. I thought I might be interested in learning to sew and visited a local quilt shop. That night I was invited to a casual “sewing party” at the shop. I left with a brand new machine. No second thoughts. I started making quilts from very simple baby quilts to intermediate level sewing. Fast forward about 10 years later some friends talked me into getting a different brand sewing machine. I never warmed up to it. I ended up trading that in for a BERNINA 550 QE, which I absolutely love. The 550 has become my travel machine as I recently moved up to a 770. I don’t know how many new machines are in my future but I know for sure they will be BERNINA. They are so versatile and I like how I can use the same feet on each machine. I love my BERNINAs.

  • My 1st Bernina was an 830. I bought it in the late ‘70’s. I made so many clothes for myself, my husband and children. I gave the 830 to my baby sister and she still uses it. I then upgraded to a 930 and 234 serger. I had both of these machines for over 30 years. I treated myself before I retired to a Bernina 820, Bernette Deco 340, and a Bernina 1300MDC serger. I’m loving retirement and continuing to do all kinds of sewing…clothing, home dec, quilting, crafts and embroidering everything! I always tell those looking to purchase a new machine, “With a Bernina you only complain once and that’s about the price but you get what you pay for. The quality is off the charts”

  • I live in Wichita KS where violent spring storms are pretty typical every spring. They don’t hit all of the city every year but usually some part will be hit. Anyway, I was sewing on a Viking machine in 1992 and had it set up under a second story window on the Northside of our house. The storm that year was a massive hail storm. The hailstones were the size of softballs (not an exaggeration). Long story short all the windows on the north and half of them on the east and west side of our house were broken making the window glass into glass shards plus a huge rain storm. So my Viking was full of glass shards and rain water. So our insurance had to replace my machine, since we had full replacement coverage. I chose to replace it with my first Bernina. It was a 1530 with the trackball mouse. I just loved it and used it for 24 years. I used to machine my first king size quilt which measures 9 x 10 ft. (it hangs to the floor on 3 sides). I still have that machine – it will go to my granddaughter in a few years when she’s old enough but a year ago last fall I purchased a B740 with the deep harp space. That is so wonderful for quilting large quilts. Thanks Bernina for making such great machines.

  • As a child I lived in Switzerland. In 1963 while we lived there, my Mother traded her commercial Singer for a brand new Bernina. The Record. It was an even trade if you can imagine that. We returned to the US. I learned to sew on that machine as a child and I could fix everything on that machine including the tension on the bobin using the instruction manual. (Not many Americans had them then). I used every feature including buttonholes and every embroidery stitch—making gifts, upholstery covers, curtains, pillows and clothes. Leather pants, skirt, velveteen, knits, sheer fabrics, prom dresses, costumes, upholstery fabric pants (1970s) were all sewn on that Bernina. In high school, I rushed home to make a different outfit to wear the next day. After the Bernina, no other brand was up to its ease of use. Any fabric, even if it barely fit under the pressure foot would sew beautifully! In the 1980s, I bought myself an 1130. I used it again to sew anything and everything from curtains to clothes and gifts. In my rerement, I have taken up quilting and I machine quilt with sensational results. I sew on my machine for hours and hours almost every day doing machine appliqué, patchwork and often find the machine embroidery stitches are better than my hand stitching. I use my Bernina to quilt my tops with top, batting and backing as large as king size and love the results. I wouldn’t own anything but a Bernina! I high school, we had a room filled with different makes of sewing machines…I tried them all and none performed as well as my Bernina! I can’t imagine life without mine! I wouldn’t sew on any other machine! I am hooked for life! Nothing gets between me and my Bernina!! I am 64 and it is my 51st anniversary of using a Bernina!!

  • I purchased my first Bernina in the fall of 2014.
    I purchased a 530 Swiss edition along with the walking foot.
    The 530 sewing machine and walking foot have made sewing so much fun.
    I am so glad that I made this purchase I wish I had made the investment years ago.

    Thank you ,

  • I bought my first Bernina when I was wanting to get into machine embroidery. I purchased an Artista 180, followed by an Activa 125. Love both machines. Stitch quality is above & beyond!

  • My late husband purchased my first Bernina for me around 1998. It is a 1260 and replaced my mother’s old Kenmore. I was in the process of making 6 bridesmaid dresses and from there went on to make complete baby layettes. I made a linen whit tails tuxedo for my 2 year old grandson and after many garments years later retired and started quilting. To this day I use this same machine to make my quilt tops for cancer patients and to earn money for more quilts. I now have a Bernina 1300 mdc serger and a Artista 200 I have dedicated to embroidery. Although I also have a Long Arm, it isn’t Bernina but hopefully one day I can afford to trade it in for the Bernina. I love my stabel of Berninas

  • I grew up sewing on a Singer treadle and then a Pfaff. When I’m got married in 1973, my mother bought me a Kenmore that I was not happy with so in 1978, I bought my first Bernina – an 801. It was $825 which was an enormous amount back then and my husband was somewhat upset. His upset disappeared when he saw how happy I was sewing with that little 801 almost every day after work and taking Stretch and Sew classes and quilt classes. That machine was a little workhorse and to this day, I regret getting rid of it. I moved up to a Bernina 1530 Inspiration in the mid-1990’s and currently sew on a Bernina 430. Porsche has a slogan “There is no substitute” and that’s exactly how I feel when I hear that Bernina hum – there is simply no other machine that I would enjoy as much as I do my Bernina.

  • I saved $800 in the 1970s selling Barbie doll clothes at craft shows. Strolled into the Hinsdale, Illinois Bernina shop and took home a model 810 and a gorgeous cabinet. The dealer was straight from Switzerland and very helpful. I continued to sew on a daily basis. Nowadays I sew daily on my Bernina Simply Red which is remarkably similar to the 810 model. I sew baby items for charity. I belong to the American Sewing Guild and attend several different neighborhood groups monthly.

  • I was sewing on my Kenmore I had gotten for high school graduation from my folks. Young, married with two little ones, decided to upgrade to a new Kenmore. We got it home and I could not make that thing work proper! I struggled for days!!! Loaded it up to take it back and get some in store instruction and made the mistake of stopping by the Bernina dealer on my way downtown. (My friend had one, I had never heard of them!!). The Bernina dealer was amazing and the machine was incredible. BUT! I had a pretty tight budget and it had no room for a Bernina. So I took my Kenmore downtown, returned it and went home empty handed. Told my husband I would save up until I could afford that decent machine! He made it happen! I got a Bernina 930 Record.. I believe it was 1984. It is the best machine I have ever seen. Never an ounce of trouble! And then in 2016 I purchased a 770QE. Would love to someday add the Q20. We’ll see? Bought both my granddaughters Bernette Seville machines (not my finest hour, who knew! -but as I am able I will replace them with – maybe 215). I will not part with my original 930 and when the day comes, my daughter will continue to love it as I do! !! Proud to be part of the Bernina family and congratulations on 125 years! !!

  • My sturdy Bernina 1008 is my stress-free place to go. It allows me to do anything from creating one-of-a-kind small projects for gifts or to quilt full size quilts. Can’t imagine not having it.

  • My mother introduced me to sewing and the wonderful Bernina products. Bought my first Bernina about 40 years ago. It was a vintage 830 with cabinet that was a sewing school demo model. Never once regretted that purchased. Served me well for many years. Then I donated it to an organization that helps high school students learn to sew. Recently purchased a B790. Fell in love all over again.

  • Hi all Bernina fans, my story goes as such. I was fresh out of college 1975, and starting my career. My mother taught me how to sew years earlier. She never had the best machines and often created frustration. After graduating and moving away, I missed seeing. My mother gave me one of her machines. After getting married, my husband saw my struggles and found an add in the paper for a deal on a 930 Bernina and a serger. He insisted I buy them. I didn’t really know the brand but went ahead and purchased them. I took lots of classes at the shop and began to realize what a gem I had. Loved, loved seeing again. Many years went by and decided I would like to upgrade to a computerized machine, 1630. I couldn’t believe when I traded my 930 in women were waiting for me to buy it. Oh my did I make a mistake? I went ahead a bought the 1630 and had a fabulous experience with that machine. Sewing with Bernina brought a new light on sewing. Loved this machine too and created some beautiful items for the home and myself. Had that machine a long time until I traded in for a 170 and embroidery unit. The years of enjoyment are too many to say. I also bought my mom a 1260 to replace her clunkers which she loved. I now own that machine too, a real workhorse. I am still sewing on my 170 and can do just about anything new machines can with some modifications. My sister also bought a 170and have spent every summer sewing together. What joy! Think of upgrading but never take the step. I now have MS with some left hand issues, so am leary of changing machines although know features have changed that may make it easier for me. With medical bills, a new machine would really be a splurg

  • Hi all Bernina fans, my story goes as such. I was fresh out of college 1975, and starting my career. My mother taught me how to sew years earlier. She never had the best machines and they often created frustration. After graduating and moving away, I missed sewing. My mother gave me one of her machines. After getting married, my husband saw my struggles and found an add in the paper for a deal on a 930 Bernina and a serger. He insisted I buy them. I didn’t really know the brand but went ahead and purchased them. I took lots of classes at the shop and began to realize what a gem I had. Loved, loved sewing again. Many years went by and decided I would like to upgrade to a computerized machine, 1630. I couldn’t believe when I traded my 930 in women were waiting for me to buy it. Oh my did I make a mistake? I went ahead a bought the 1630 and had a fabulous experience with that machine. Sewing with Bernina brought a new light on sewing. Loved this machine too and created some beautiful items for the home and myself. Had that machine a long time until I traded in for a 170 and embroidery unit. The years of enjoyment are too many to say. I also bought my mom a 1260 to replace her clunkers which she loved. I now own that machine too, a real workhorse. I am still sewing on my 170 and can do just about anything new machines can with some modifications. My sister also bought a 170and have spend every summer sewing together. What joy! Think of upgrading but never take the step. I now have MS with some left hand issues, so am leary of changing machines although know features have changed that may make it easier for me. With medical bills, a new machine would really be a splurge. I can’t thank Bernina enough for the years of enjoyment I’ve had sewing with very few repairs. Keep making quality machines and thank you for my enjoyment.

  • My first Bernina came after a tragic event in my life. I had never even heard of Bernina until after my brother was killed in a motorcycle accident September of 2016. Someone made my sister-in-law a memory quilt for my brothers funeral and I kept that in my mind as I wanted to make one for our mom. I had all these great ideas in my head, but I only had a 20 year old Brothers sewing machine that was on its last leg (and still is by the way). The only thing my sewing machine would do is sew a straight stitch or zigzag and we struggled with that at times. I wanted embroidery done on my moms quilt and I wanted it quilted, neither of which I could do or even knew where to start. With the help of others I found people who could do these things and with their sewing machine! One lady helped me with the embroidery, she had both a Bernina 730 and a Bernina 880. She showed me how they ran so I could help with my moms quilt and we worked for several hours between machines to complete this project…at that point I was in love and that was before I knew I could quilt with them too! Another amazing fellow sewer assisted with the quilting portion of my moms quilt and with everyone’s help I was able to give her a memory quilt of our family for Christmas 2016 which included embroidery, t-shirts, pictures and quilting. In February 2017 I bought my first Bernina 765 SE and now have made several other memory items for friends and family!

  • As a newly wed and an expectant mother in the mid 1960’s, I had purchased a lesser machine which promptly proved to be inadequate. My husband kept telling me to “GET THE BEST!” So I did. I purchased my Bernina 730 and in addition got trading stamps with it which enabled me to get lots of baby stuff!! I am still using the 730 even though I later purchased an Artista 180, a simpler “beginner” model (for my teen-aged daughter), and, most recently, an 830. While I have been and am very happy with the newer machines, the good old 730 is still my workhorse.

  • I bought my first Bernia in 1985 that machine is still going strong. I’ve only replaced the bobbin motor. We had 5 children I made “jam shorts for all my boys, pants and shirts. Our daughter got that and dresses. Love my machine!!!!

    • MamaBear08, I remember making those Jam shorts for my son and also his friends. I made him some and his friends liked them so much they asked if I could make them some. Now I have friends of my granddaughter asking me to make doll clothes for them. Interestingly one “boy” called and told me he remembered me making the Jams for him and now here I was sewing doll clothes for his daughter.

  • Some wonderful stories above. Enjoyed them all.
    My experience with my first Bernina occurred in 2011. It was about a year before I retired. I really had not planned it, but realized later if I was going to buy a Bernina, I might as well do it while I had a job and income so that I would qualify for their Bernina lines of Credit.(and Babylock credit-my dealer sold both products).

    It all started when I remarried and my new husband needed a button sewn onto a shirt. I thought, well I use to be able to sew on buttons with a little sewing machine that I had gotten when I was in college. (30 years ago). I got that little Kenmore out and by gosh, got that button sewn on. Afterwards I tried to remember how to service and oil the little thing. I could not remember. My husband said he had seen a sewing store a few blocks away in town. So, we went down and asked them to clean and service it, which they did and thus started my relationship with a Bernina sewing store. They now had my name and address.

    Low and behold not too long a time later, I received a postcard asking; “Have you ever wanted to make a quilt?” Come SEW on a BERNINA and see how easy it is. $10 class and includes all supplies. Well, it just so happens I have always wanted to make a quilt for my king size bed for the past 30 years….and I still have not done it! I went to that all day class and had a ball, and could you believe those little machines, we used all day long,…at the end of the class…were FOR SALE! Little did they know the attachment that I have for gadgets and wonderful devices. It was LOVE at first stitch. We made little 9 patch with decorative stitches, sandwiched them together and even did some free motion. I was hooked. I had figured there might be a catch to the class…I had paid $300 for my KENMORE, that had decorative cams for embroidery, and is still a good little machine. But I had no idea the cost of these Berninas. This was a 440QE and for only $1000 more you could get the Embroidery Module and you get 3 free classes to learn how to use your machine. I came to the 3 classes. The 3rd class was ALL Embroidery. I asked if you could do various things that were beyond the scope of that machine…the answer was “No, but the 830 can”. So by the end of that class I had the 830 as well…of course about 3 times more expensive as well. I could not bear to trade-in that 440QE as it was my first Bernina though.
    As I went to the classes for the 830 and we were embroidering, I asked, “Is there any way to hook up multiple colors at once?” They said, “NO, you would need a Multi-needle machine for that”. I asked, “What’s a multi-needle machine?” They immediately took me over to the Babylock Enterprise 10 needle machine. It was not too long and that was added to my Credit limit. Then I actually started making some quilts. I quilted the first with Embroidery motifs. That took rehooping about 40 times on that quilt. My 2nd quilt, I quilted on my 830 and about killed my shoulders. I brought it in to show everyone and asked, “Is there an easier way to quilt your quilts?” They said, “you could use a LONGARM!” And I asked, “What’s a LONGARM?” They immediately took me over to the Babylock Crown Jewel on a Pearl Frame. They were getting to really love me at that Bernina store. In class one day, I asked how you made the stitch on my tee-shirt or jeans. They said, Oh your Bernina cannot make that stitch. I was really disappointed and asked, “why not?” They said, “well you need a SERGER for that.” I asked, “what’s a SERGER?” Of course you know what happened then. I was son the proud owner of a Babylock Evolution. I have since purchased the Bernina Embroidery Software and gone crazy with Embroidery. I love it and am now the Software instructor at the Bernina store in the State where I retired. I teach the monthly Software Inspirations class. I have also joined the Quilt guild and have hopes of one day creating my King size quilt for my bed.

    I LOVE my Bernina and Babylock machines and thank my lucky stars to have remarried when I found my new husband and him needing that button sewn on his shirt. :0)

  • Learned to sew in 1946 on my grandmothers treadle at the age of 3. Then moved on to my mothers B540, then a B830 then a B930 then a B180 then and still own a B730, B880, B 350 and a B1300 serger. I’m a Bernina Baby through and through.

  • I’ve been sewing since I was 10 years old. after using my previous machine for over 20 years, I thought it was time for a dream machine, a Bernina 830, along with the quilting frame. Unfortunately it turned out to be a nightmare machine. In the new machine class the instructor said there was something wrong with it. I was never able to finish a project with out the machine jamming and needing to be taken in for service. I was not allowed to return it without it first being checked by Bernina. It went to Chicago twice for several months at a time. It would work for a little while then start acting up again. After 5 years I finally packed it up and returned it to the store. The best they could do was replace it with a used 780 (which has worked fine). Bernina seemed to think that I did not know how to sew! I’ve been sewing for 45 years. It was a lemon! Bernina should have replaced the machine the first time it went to Chicago. They do not stand behind their products. If they want people to think they have the best machines they need to replace the lemons. I will never buy another Bernina.

  • I signed up for an heirloom sewing class about 19 yrs ago at my local Bernina store an hour away and quickly realized my old sewing machine just didn’t have the capacity to do the tedious heirloom work without eating the laces & batiste.
    So my dealer showed all the wonderful Bernina’s available & fitted me with one that met my other sewing needs in my price range. I bought a Virtuosa 153 and I made a baby day gown that won 1st Prize at the Texas State Fair!!! I still use this machine! And my 830. Love Bernina’s! !!!!!

  • My first Bernina was a 1530. I eventually gave this to my oldest daughter. My second was a computer Bernina with embroidery unit I had bought from Carol at Loving Stitches in Fayetteville NC. She later sold this one so I could at that time update to a Bernina 200 with embroidery unit . I added all the bells an whistles to this one–updated to 730 and the BSR. I have had many wonderful hours and frustrating hours (taking out what I sewed). I have mended and completed many projects. I have taking many Mastery Classes on the Bernina and sewing classes. Thank You Bernina!

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